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#002 She Decided to Crash Her until Something Stopped Her, with Veronica Drake

Updated: Apr 14

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication

Stephen's Interview with the vivacious Veronica Drake, who was in the process of intentionally crashing her car when she felt a loving presence step in.


*The show's host is also the writer/director of the award-winning documentary film LIFE WITH GHOSTS, now streaming at for a limited time.


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Chat With Guest Veronica Drake

This is my second installment of the show. My first episode was on July 3rd, 2023. Someone asked the question, “What is the purpose of this group?” I said something along the lines of, “I have been doing these Q&As for a while. People have lots of questions about the movie. The movie is being advertised on Facebook and a couple of areas so I need to have a standard monthly meeting to answer questions.” That was my first answer. I realized that was a lame answer. I do not like that answer anymore.

This show is going to be something that people want to tune into each month. I have to have new content that has something new to say. I have to have new guests. I am learning that because this is the first time I am doing that, even though I have been in showbiz for a while. I am a writer behind the scenes. Now, I am an on-camera person for the first time in my life. I have to tell you, I am digging it. I thought I was too shy for this.

I realize I like talking and meeting people and having people tune in each month. This will be fun for me. That was that. I have to have a new purpose. I am sure you are going to be on board with this. I made a movie about people talking to the dead. I had a very unbiased objective view. I did not take a position either way. This program should be about getting comfortable with the fact that there are ghosts around us all the time.

We need to be okay talking to them and telling our friends and loved ones that yes, we are in contact. That is a big part of it. If we are going to normalize this thing by talking to our dead loved ones, we have to be willing to share. I am going to first introduce my guest for this episode.

We are going to talk about this as well as other things. The purpose in a nutshell is letting us normalize after-death contact. Let us make it a part of everyday life and that is just it. I am sitting with Veronica Drake who goes by Vee. Vee is a very fun psychic medium. I am going to talk to Vee and ask her some questions. Is that okay with you Vee?

I am with you.

Veronica, my first question for you is this. I know a little bit about your backstory already. From what I recall, you started mediumship not because you were born into it but because something fairly traumatic happened in your life. Would you mind sharing that story with me?

I do not have any background in this. I do not come from a long line of it. There is nothing ancestrally that I can say I can attach it to. I use the definition for my life, the intersection of mental illness and alcoholism was where I began my journey, and the product of it. I had no basic understanding of religion. I had no understanding beyond survival. When you come from that environment, you learn coping mechanisms. I did the best I could until I could.

I was in my early to mid-30s. One of the most profound experiences was when I tried to take my life. I was careening my car at a very high rate of speed. I was going to crash. I was using a few choice words. You can imagine the words. I said, “This is it, now or never, if there is anything that is out there who is going to save me.” The hair on my arms rises every time I tell the story. My car filled up. It was November 1996. I felt like I had to do this in my car. There was no space for me in my car.

Build up with what?

It was this incredible warmth. I never felt anything like it. I felt embarrassed. I could feel my pant leg being pulled off the accelerator. I heard, “We’ve got you. You are not alone.” Here is the little old me going, “What in the hell is this? I don’t come from this.” Backing up, I was about age 34 or 35 at that time. At age 25, I lost my beloved grandfather. I had no understanding of this stuff. I was hysterical. I was pregnant with my second son, six months pregnant. I was crying. I could not control myself or catch my breath. The doctors are very worried about me.

Communicating with someone on the other side exudes an incredible warmth. 

I was sitting up and sobbing. He appeared right in front of me. I did not find it weird. I found it comforting. I did not have questions like, “What is this?” I took the comfort that it offered me. I saw him with his Army hat on. I still have it. It is back in that dresser. He had his tan Army fatigues. I had never seen him in that way. He said to me, “I’m okay. You need to take care of that little boy inside of you.”

This was 1987. We didn’t normally get ultrasounds to know the gender of our children. Fast forward three months later, I gave birth to a very healthy, robust baby boy. My grandfather gave me that. What was more interesting to me as we had gone to clean the house out after I gave birth to my son with my grandmother, I saw the picture of him in the uniform with the hat.

I love those stories that had a little bit of validation at the end.

I still get the tingles and chills.

You told me that you are an open book so I could ask you personal stuff.

Whatever you want. Here is the thing about me. If I do not want to answer it, I will tell you no.

You are about to take your life. What was going on that drove you to that point?

I was a crappy person. I made some poor choices based on what I knew. I was selfish. I hurt people. I had no regard for anyone except myself. It pains me to say that as a mother of two children at that time. Hear me say this. They weren’t neglected in any way shape or form. If you were looking at my life looking in the proverbial window, I had everything. I had a husband that adored me. I had a great job. I could wear designer shoes. I thought, “This is everything,” but I made poor decisions about how to keep that sacred.

You are in your car. It was filled with love. The “I got you” thing choked me up because those are the phrases that make me feel the happiest when I hear them. You don’t hear that often. It feels so great to feel that someone or something has got your back.

Who doesn’t want that? Have that saying and feel the feeling. You have to understand that I always felt alone. Remember, with mental illness and alcoholism, there is not a lot of support there for you. I had nothing to turn to.

I should point out to the audience that Vee is surrounded by orbs it seems. Behind her, every 5 or 10 minutes, you’re going to see an orb float by. You might think it is a lint but it is not. It’s an orb. At some point, you went from this incident to practicing mediumship but there was a journey of some kind that must have taken place. I understand that your husband is a fairly religious person. Is it strict Catholic?

Very much so.

I am sure he probably wasn’t too keen on the idea of you consorting. There is divination, is it called in the Bible, or necromancy? We’re not supposed to consort with the unseen. There must have been some potholes you had to drive through.

There were. This is the abbreviated version, believe it or not. This is my second husband. Typically when we meet spirit, we get 1 of the 4 Ds. We go through Death, Disease, Disaster, or Divorce. We go to our knees and begin to look the proverbial up. There has got to be more. I hit death with my grandmother. I hit disease. I got drastically sick. It’s a physical sickness. I went through a very deep depression. I got divorced. I hit every D you could.

I was going through the motions of living. I was 41-ish. I have been single for the first time in my life living on my own. I was terrified. I heard something say to me, “You got to quit this job.” I have a great job. I was in communications, marketing, and membership for a nonprofit. I was like, “Quit this job?” With that, all of the pieces started to fall into place. I met a life coach. I never knew what a life coach was so I got to know. I went to school to be a life coach. I am going to be a life coach.

A deck of Oracle cards found their way into my lap and I couldn’t get enough. I started reading the cards. I am not necessarily a fan of the book that comes with it. I love the book and the book is very helpful but I love the creative aspect of becoming one with the card. I did not have any meaning. I went into the world to say, “I am going to be a coach. This is what’s going to happen. I am going to do readings.” Life then got in the way. I got sick. I got this and that. I got married for the second time.

He is a very devout Catholic. I had to become Catholic to get married to him, which was fine with me. I love all the religions. I love learning. He was like, “You go ahead and do that.” He is my number one supporter and fan. He said to me, “How can anyone not believe this? I know your heart. I know you.” He is meandering around the house when I am doing my readings and I am on Zoom. I don’t know if he is here or not here. I will get done and he will be like, “I heard that validation. Say yes to them.” He is astounded.

Here’s a quick story. I had the priest over for dinner. I said to this very Catholic priest, “I want to tell you something but you are probably going to want to have your holy water with you because you are probably going to want to throw it on me.” He looked at me and I said, “I know things about people.” We will talk about that in a minute if we can because that is the psychic part of me. He was a very stoic and serious Catholic priest, which is not all of them are. He said to me, “That is the spiritual gift from God.” I was like, “We’re in.”

I had a reading with the Vee. I’ve had probably around 30 or so readings because of the film that I made. I thought my film was going to profile or star a lot of mediums because those are the people who are in the business who are living with ghosts. I assumed that was the case. It turned out I didn’t use mediums in the film. I thought I was going to so I had interviewed 30 or so.

My reading with Vee was the first reading that I’ve had where it was the closest to having a real conversation with the deceased. That’s how it felt to me. I haven’t had that experience before so that was a real stunner. I don’t need to tell you my personal story of why I was asking Vee for reading but I invited anybody who wanted to share anything with me from the other side. It turns out my father came in. My father comes in a lot it seems. I am not sure why.

I asked Vee to tell me why he was always hanging around because I did not have the best relationship with my father. He was a very tough guy, especially critical of me. I always knew that I was disappointing him. It was not a great relationship, especially because I wasn’t telling the party line with my family. Vee started talking about my father and my father. Here is my question. You are not doing physical mediumship, even though I have seen you do physical mediumship. I know you can do it. You were not talking as my father but you were talking for my father. Is that what you were doing?

That is how I describe it.

That was pretty powerful. I noticed that it felt like him, which was both a good thing and a bad thing for me. I made the same misapprehension that I had before, which is I assume that when people cross over, they are suddenly so enlightened that everything that comes out of their spiritual mouth is enlightened, deep, meaningful, and loving but I don’t think that is the case. Would you corroborate that for me, Vee?

I would agree with you. There is a process like there is a birth process. We don’t know everything.

We are here to learn, including how to walk and communicate. When we cross over, there is what I understand. Let me preface all of this with I don’t think anybody has the market cornered on knowing it 1,000,000% because there is so much out there. This is what I believe in my heart and what I know in my heart. There is a review process. I liken it to this. We are watching a movie scene by scene. We are seeing it. Think of A Christmas Carol where he goes through his life but it is more in-depth. We don’t automatically get to a place where it is all roses and candy. Until we get there, there is a process.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: Nobody has the market cornered on spirit communication because it is almost impossible to know it one hundred percent.

While I am helping spread the word that this is all possible, and I’m sure most of the people here are believers and are already in my camp, it seems because I was so in the dark about this even though most people might know this already, it is good to say or reiterate that if you go to a medium or you get messages by some other means from your lost loved one, they are still people wherever they are residing. They are not human people but they are people with their foibles.

Long story short, I had the same weird feeling in the pit of my stomach after that reading that I did during the last few years of my father's life. It was feeling like, “He is over there. He is more loving and accepting of me but he is still measuring.” There is something about the way you were coming through with him on your shoulder. There was something coming through that made me feel like he was not quite as enlightened as I was hoping he would be, even though I knew it was him.

My warning to everyone out there is just because somebody's dead doesn’t mean they are a genius and that they are suddenly going to come out with things that are heavy and helpful to you in your life. They still have their stuff to work through. They are not necessarily the most enlightened creatures in the universe at this moment.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: Just because somebody is dead doesn’t mean they are a genius. They still have some stuff to work through on the other side. They are not necessarily the most enlightened creatures in the universe.

You said, “Why is he here?” Typically, I don’t just pull people in or become the conduit for people for no reason. The generic, “Grandpa Joe is here and he loves you so much,” okay, “But Grandpa Joe, why are you here?” I’ve had people on the other side help me help their spouse find missing insurance documents that were standing between them and paying the mortgage on the house. I had one spirit person give me guidance to tell his mother where the key was for his guitar case so that they could get the guitar out. This is profound stuff.

I loved my session. I love you as a psychic medium. That is an important distinction to make. I saw an orb fly by. It is fun to spot them. At some point, you did become a professional medium. I’m sure there was a little bit of a jump that had to be made. This is after your husband gave you his blessing or a remark on God's blessing. Is that what happened?

We were on vacation, sitting on the beach in South Carolina. I am from Pennsylvania. We knew no one in South Carolina. This woman was walking up the beach and I said to my husband, “She is going to stop here and talk to us.” He said, “Why would she do that?” I said, “I don’t know but she is going to and this is what I know. I get a sense of it.” He is looking at me like, “What are you talking about?” Sure enough, she stopped in front of us. We didn’t know her. All of this stuff came out of my mouth about her life.

I knew the names of people in her life and what she did for a living. I could see her potential around where she was going with her career. It was as easy as dialoguing like this. She was there for two and a half hours. After she walked away, my husband was like, “What in the hell just happened?” I said, “I don’t know. I knew that I knew but I didn’t know how I knew.” I was tipping my toe in at that point.

What year was this that it started?

It was 2009-ish. In 2008, I quit my job. I do not advise anyone to do this. I do what I do balls to the wall and quit my job. I had no plan. I cashed in retirement, insurance, and everything I could. Thank you, President Obama. He gave me two years of unemployment, which in hindsight was the grace and the time I needed to build up who I am.

If anybody is interested in seeing Vee in action, I don’t know if this is your most favorite clip but this may put you on the map. What I am talking about is you channeled Stephen Paddock. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, Stephen Paddock is the Las Vegas shooter. Vee, were you working with the police at the time?

No, that was another case. I was doing a YouTube show and he had been going for a week. I was relatively new to mediumship. I had always been a psychic, I knew that.

In the first episode of this show on July 3rd, 2023, I mentioned that you are channeling Stephen Paddock and I was asking Wendy Zammit, “It seems like this guy, Stephen, is as despicable over there that he is here.” That ties into what I was saying before. Just because they crossover doesn’t mean they are suddenly new and shiny.

He was dreadful. That was the only time I did a physical channel. You can watch how he took over my body. I was terrified.

I encourage people to go to it on YouTube. They would find that clip. You put on YouTube, “Veronica Drake Stephen Paddock.” That will come up. It is pretty astounding to watch because that is a physical mediumship. He is in you and you are him in that moment. He is saying horrible things but it is fascinating to watch your process of physical mediumship. That is one of the things that made me say, “I have to make an appointment with Vee.” If only I could have that with my deceased loved one, that kind of interaction where you feel like it is real. That was not the physical mediumship we were doing but it is close. When you are talking for someone, not as someone, you are very expressive. You are using their expressions to some degree.

That is exactly what was happening. What I did with you and your father was I was the conduit.

Think of it as the translator. He speaks a different language. I am the translator and all of that.

Thank you again for that. You had said something about how my father wanted to show me that he knows he is in my house. You said, “Is there a tall chest of drawers in your bedroom?” I said no reflexively because I couldn’t think of a tall chest of drawers in my bedroom but when I went upstairs to bed, I had a giant armoire in my bedroom. It almost touches the ceiling. It is like 8 feet tall. I was speaking too literally. That is what he must have been seeing.

They will give me those kinds of things. That is validation and proof. I’m an evidential medium so I need evidence, and not grandma loves you and is so proud of you, which is great to know but what can we do with that?

When people want a reading and make an appointment with you, they would go to It is your website. One of the reasons why I am saying that is because you are not here to give readings. You will answer questions. If somebody has a particular issue and you feel like volunteering something that is your prerogative, I don’t want you to feel imposed upon by anyone.

Thank you. That is very kind of you. If something comes through, I’m open to doing that if it is in the right space at the right time.

It is exciting to have you here. Somebody wanted to know a little bit about something from the movie and the quick answer is yes, IADC therapy can be used with pets. I want to take advantage of the fact that Veronica Drake is here to answer some questions about her practice and mediumship. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for my reading. That was astounding. It did change me because I feel like I have a certain closure with my father that I didn’t get during this lifetime or any mediumship readings I’ve had.

It always makes me want to cry when I hear that because I feel like it is such a divine. It is not me. Thank you. I received that.

Gary, what is your question?

I do have a question for Veronica. You don’t let people like The Shooter in anymore, do you?

Absolutely not.

That was early in your mediumship and it was a learning experience for you.

I didn’t even know honestly that that was possible. They say, “Ignorance is bliss until it is not.”

You do some protection, letting your guides or teams.

I don’t mean this to sound arrogant. I live a very protected life. I mean that in an energetic sense. I am constantly cleansing and grounding. My whole thing is nature. I am the person who is going to take her shoes off, stand on the tree roots, and ground myself. I am constantly communicating with the white light. To me, it is as normal as breathing.

We have Stacy.

Thank you all for picking me up. Both my parents have passed. It seems like my dad comes through more than my mom does, and it makes me feel guilty. When I say come through, I mean in my dreams. I always ask them to come through and be with me when I am traveling. I always say, “Daddy, sit next to me in the front seat.” Sometimes, I feel like he is but then I think, “Is that my imagination?” How do you know? First off, why does he come through more than my mom in my dreams? After a while, I noticed some of my family members who used to come through my dreams all the time don’t anymore. Have they moved on?

They don’t ever move on. The connection is never lost. Was either one of them in academia an academic teacher or they taught something and what they did professionally, like management?


There is a teacher around you. I want to bring that up to you. There is somebody that has teacher energy all over you. It could be a guide. What I understand is that the person that shows up the most, you may have something to finish up with them. They may be most relevant at this structure and juncture in your life. They may have been the ones you turn to look for guidance. Sometimes they were the stronger, more demonstrative, and more outgoing figure. Was Mom a quiet person?

That could be one reason why.

They were both but she has been gone longer than Daddy.

When we think about it, time is irrelevant. There is no such thing as time.

Time is irrelevant when it comes to death. On the other side, there is no such thing as time.

They are both hard-headed.

It could be he has something specific to tell you and that is the stuff I work through when I do my readings because that takes an intense look into.

Do pets stay with us?

Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt. What’s cool is I can take on the energy of a pet and see what they suffered from. I can also see areas in the house, like for cats, where the litter box was because they are telling me.

I hope my cat is still with me. She was my soulmate.

Victoria, you are up next.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you. My question is, how do you know the difference between something that you want and something that you are getting? I want to quit my job versus being told it is time to quit my job.

I am listening to the spirit. The first thing I am going to say to you is that when you get spirit communication, it will come on like this and maybe in bits and pieces. Eventually, it will all weave together. In the meantime, it will expand you. Even though you hear to quit your job, you are not going to go into the human egoic side of it. Roll with punches. Listen to it. There is nowhere to go and no time limit. I hope that helped.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Stephanie, you are up next.

Thank you very much for the opportunity. It is so great to be able to talk to me Vee. My goal and dream is to be able to do what you do so I’m constantly trying to learn more, going within as you say. I am wondering if you have any advice as to how to raise your vibration high enough to be able to communicate with the spirit. I know it is staying in pure love and that sort of thing but do you have any practical advice on how to do that?

There are two pieces of advice. 1) Laugh, laugh, laugh. Be childlike with your laughter. 2) This is going to seem crazy but doodle. Grab your pen and paper and doodle. We get on the phone call and we do our doodles. When you are doodling, the brain can’t be with everything else going on and watching the doodle. You will instantly raise your vibration. I teach this in my spirit communication classes. When you are doing this for an even bigger challenge, don’t pick the pen off the paper. As a bonus, when you are done with that, look down at it and you will get a message. You will see symbols, images, and communication from the spirit. It’s automatic doodling.

It is like a Rorschach test.

Thank you so much.

You are very welcome.

We have R up next. Go ahead, R.

Thank you. This is amazing the work that you do. I have a quick question. What are orbs? I’m trying to get a clear answer from the other side and it is taking a little while. I’m wondering if you have any advice.

Orbs are the physical manifestation of guides, angels, and anything that doesn’t carry a meat suit, I call it. Angels show up. I typically get angels that are long strands of light.

Three orbs flew by behind you. I was waiting for that because we are talking about orbs and usually, when you talk about them, that is when they show up.

On cue, there they are. I am The Orb Whisperer.

I am waiting for clarity from the other side and I am wondering if it is something that I will know the right decision.

Here is the simplest way. You don’t need anything more than this. This is training wheels. This is one-on-one. If it expands you, that is your clarity and yes from spirit. If it contracts you, it is egoic.

Thank you so much.

If something expands you, it is clarity. If it contracts your spirit, it is egoic.

Janice, you are next.

Before my father died, I told him that he could contact me, which was the stupidest thing I ever did. I am saying it with humor but I don’t know that he was always benevolent. He was a man who wanted to be in control. That is one thing. What do you do with that? The second thing is, are we not stopping the progress of the soul by wanting to contact them? I wonder sometimes, are we pulling them down when they are not supposed to be connecting with us on Earth?

I will be honest with you. I heard the answer to that. There is no interruption for the soul. We are not pulling them anywhere. They are here where we are. It is simultaneous. What’s hard about this and part of this is to wrap a human perspective around something that you can’t make human. There is no sense in it. We are simultaneously living every single life we ever lived. There is no disruption in the flow.

My father’s connection with me was difficult when he was alive. He was a difficult man. I have boring mediumship ability so I said, “You can contact me.” I feel that it was a mistake because some of the stuff wasn’t all that good, at least in my interpretation. I am hoping he is not around me but I am hoping that he is also happy where he is. Let us put it this way. I don’t know if he was ever stuck between here and heaven, he didn’t go across, and he was still wanting to be alive and was interfering in a negative way. The question is, what do we do to help move that soul along when they still are acting like they are human?

To answer your question the way that I know how to answer your question is if there is energy around you that you are not open to or welcoming of, you simply, as a human, have all the leverage. You have the ability to distance yourself and set your energetic boundaries. I had seen death one time in a person. Quite frankly, what do you want to do with death? What am I going to say? “Pack your bags like the train is coming on Thursday?” No. What am I going to do with that?

I have a heart-to-heart with spirit. It was confirmed that I saw death because I got the notification that she did die. I knew what I was seeing. I have said to the spirit, “Time and time again, I do not want to see the end. I can see exit points for people. I never see the last one because what am I going to do with it?” Spirit concurs. I do not see death anymore. I have people I do not want to come near me. I set the boundaries for that. Set the boundaries. You finally have the ability to set the boundaries with your father.

Maybe this is helpful for somebody else. If you are dealing with a person that was very controlling and does not respect boundaries, when they cross over, it doesn’t change that I can tell you. It is a very strong energy. I have done a lot of work on it. I don’t think he bothers me too much now. He loved me and wanted to protect me but it was not healthy. Sometimes, I am an empath and all this other stuff. It is difficult because they can come into dreams. How do we set the boundaries when we are not as good at it? Is there a way to say enough already?

Keep your vibration up. Intentions are powerful. Intentions are up here. They go out. “It is my intention to not have you in my space in a way that feels unsafe or unhealthy for me.”

Thank you, Janice. Cynthia, you are up next.

I struggle with mental health issues. I want to know, are there negative entities with me, or who is with me?

I honestly tell you this. I take a hard line on this. There is positive so there has to be negative. I get the duality. I choose not to subscribe to the negative energy. I don’t do work with them. I don’t understand them. What I can tell you is if you work on your vibration and frequency, keep your mental space as clean as you can, meaning do yourself care and make sure that you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you have a diagnosis that requires you to take medication, and this was a download from the spirit to me directly, medication will not interfere with their connection. Don’t be afraid to do that if you need to. I hope that's helpful.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: Medication will not interfere with your spiritual connection. Do not be afraid to do that if you need to.

Moving along here, we got Susan who has a question. Go ahead, Susan.

When you realize that you had these gifts, and you mentioned being confused by what is going on, I assume that you sought out some kind of teaching and I am wondering what did you find or look for? How did you go about finding good instruction?

I came up in the ‘90s in the beginning with this stuff and there was not the internet. You couldn’t Google it or write so I dove into what I understand is self-help, the Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, and Marianne Williamson. They didn’t necessarily have a spirit background in terms of psychic and mediumship. I want to choose my words very carefully because I don’t have a filter but I am trying. I am very skeptical by nature. I’m very selective about who I study with.

I have studied with Buddhist monks. I have studied philosophies and religions over practical techniques and psychics and mediumship. I have read books and connected with spirit. I say, “Is this what it is? Is that what it is?” I do morning meditations. I used to use the word meditation. I cannot meditate. I am not the guru at the top of the mountain. This never shuts down. What I can do is walk in nature. I hope that helps.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Val, go ahead.

Vee, thank you for being here with us. Stacy asked a part of my question. During your readings, you said animals came through. I wonder how you communicate with them. Even when they are alive, I do not know how to communicate with them so maybe you can teach me.

Spirit communication is energy to energy. Think telepathically. It is kind of sci-fi but I am reading the mind, essence, and soul, which is the energy of the animal. When I first did it the first couple times, I didn’t know if I could do it or not do it but when I started telling the owner what the cat suffered from and what the cat had, I could see the specific area on the body where it happened, and the cat showed me where the litter box was and took me directly down the hall to the group, you are like, “What?” That is what I know.

One more question. If it was a traumatic passing, how painful was the pet?

What I’ve known about this and from a human perspective also is I have seen terrible deaths. I have seen pet deaths. The soul prepares the human. The soul exits the body before the actual demise. There is more to that but that is the short version.

Thank you.

Lola, go ahead.

I am an empath. I am going through hell with my life. Nothing is working out. Always something bad is happening. What do you see is going on with me?

I may take a different approach with this than a lot of other psychic mediums but I do believe perspective is first and foremost and in the Law of Attraction. I am living proof of the law of attraction. In other words, if there is one thought, it perpetuates the chain of thoughts and it goes on and on. If you wake up in the morning and you stub your toe, and you go down the spiral of, “I am out of shampoo. I don’t have any deodorant. The coffee didn’t perk. I always spill coffee on my blouse,” it is like one thing after the other. What you need to do is interrupt that cycle. You need to block the cycle of those thoughts and replace them with new thoughts or synaptic.

If nothing goes well in your life, you need to interrupt that cycle. Block your current thoughts and replace them with new synaptics.

The thing is when I leave my house, I have such a good time with my sisters and others but when I come home, I hate to come home.

It is like your cave of misery is what I hear.

I don’t know about you but I can’t pick up and move. Most people can’t. What you need to do is try to cleanse the air and vibration in there. Maybe paint a wall, a brighter color if you can. If you can’t do that, go to the thrift store and buy pillows that are brighter colors. It’s anything that has a vibration. Put sound from YouTube video and raise the frequency. That is what you have to do. You got to get the frequency.

What about moving? I need to move from this place.

If you can afford it, go for it. I question my clients on this. Everywhere you go, there you are.

Thank you, Vee.

Justine, you’re next.

My question has to do with my sweetheart who has been diagnosed with pretty advanced stage cancer. We are looking at dire outcomes but we are also open to a miracle happening. My question is more about the fact that we fell madly in love years ago. He already had cancer then. It was like a portal head open. There was remote viewing that also occurred in this whole episode where we fell in love. It was all very sudden and rapid. It has been a great beautiful journey but we are facing a very serious road ahead, challenges, and experiences. Is this something that my soul and his soul are bringing us on this journey to experience?

You are without a doubt. The reason I know that is because if you are living life in this situation, it is part of your path. What I heard is that the two of you are medicinal for each other. There is medicine between the two of you and that is the energy that the two of you share. I would roll the dice if they tell you to roll the dice and be cutting-edge creative with his treatments. Roll the dice.

What do you mean by cutting-edge creative? Is it cutting-edge medical front as well as energetic fronts?

You can do the energetic stuff more likely the medical and also powerful intention. There are miracles that happen every moment. “Love is medicinal,” was a direct quote from spirit.


I have a question. What do you think about relationships that continue after your spouse has gone to the other side?

Our soul family. Is that what you mean?

My husband contacted me the day after he passed. He has been giving me signs and everything. I get hugs from him.

It never goes away. If you don’t want it, you set the boundaries but they are not going anywhere. That is the thing. Every time, inevitably, I channel someone and they say, “I went in the other room. You are in the living room. I am going into the kitchen to get a drink of water.” They don’t necessarily go anywhere. To them, they don’t have this but they are there. You are experiencing it so good for you. Be open to it.

We have been married for 44 years. It is hard but I love having him around.

You are holding up beautifully. You have such a beautiful energy, no wonder he wants to come home.

Thank you. That is very sweet.

You take care.

You too.

Mary, go ahead with your quick question.

Thank you for the practical information because I lived for the idea that they are sending information to help people find paperwork and stuff. I have had strong signs from my mother since the beginning. I am fascinated by it. There is the whole part of the emotion and everything but on a practical side, how do they do things they do? Something happened that was mind-blowing.

There is another series of mind-blowing ones. I’m like, “Mom, how are you doing this?”

It’s turning up the energy and frequency. Their vibration goes faster and higher. My mom sent my sister a text message from my father's phone which he didn’t even have with him. He doesn’t know how to text but it was her picture to my sister who has been struggling by missing my mother. It is raising their frequency and getting intense with it. The strike on the match creates the fire.

It is a long story about how I got to the spot but I saw a card on the ground. I stopped to pick it up. The day before, I was in a very despairing mood and I spoke out loud to her. I picked the card up. It is a valentine to a mom. It said, “Love, your favorite daughter Mary.” She has done something like this before. There was the emotion of it but once I got through the emotion of it, I told her, “Would you please tell me how you are doing this?” At least, get me to that spot of how to pick this card on the ground.

The human needs to know the how.

I am fascinated by it.

I am with you. I will take the wall down to figure out how the water comes out of the spigot but at some point, you have to say, “This is Mom. This is our relationship. This is where we are at.” You are an explorer. You have a detective archetype and you came here to explore the crap out of everything. You are not going to take face value no matter what. Injustice, forget about it. You don’t like it. It’s not going to fly with you.

Jill, go ahead quickly with your question.

How do you relate to Akashic Records? What do you think about it?

We need a visual for everything. Akashic Records are real. It is energy. There is somewhere in the ethers, and I call it The cosmic Library, where every story that ever was written about you and every energy that ever was you, your lineage for every lifetime is there.

Is that part of what you read?

No. I don’t read about Akashic Records.

When you are giving somebody a message, is that part of it?

Absolutely. Here is the thing. People come to me and they always want to know, “What is my purpose,” but they usually don’t like the answer I give. The purpose isn’t like some grandiose like you are going to solve cancer or do this. The purpose is housed in Akashic Records and it is repeated over and over in all of your lifetime. When we look at those patterns and dissect them by accessing the gatekeeper of Akashic Records, we get answers.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: The purpose is housed in the akashic and repeated over and over all of your lifetime. By looking at those patterns, you can access the gatekeeper of the records and get the answers you need.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

I got a lot of free stuff so people can go and learn about me. There are lots of Vee everywhere. I am Googleable. is your website.

So is everything else digitally, Veronica Drake.

People should be able to find you easily.

Don’t be discouraged if you go to book on my website and there is not an appointment because sometimes, magic happens. I don’t know. You might get it sooner is what I am saying. I was scheduled to take the month of September 2023 off but due to impending thumb surgery, I may not be taking the month off. We’ll see.

Vee, let me take this opportunity to thank you so much for being my special guest. You are my first guest. Second episode, first guest. I could speak for everyone here by saying I loved everything about it. Thank you so much for being here.

You are welcome. I love you. I adore you. I would do anything you would ask me to do within reason.

Thank you so much. I found that to be another learning experience.

Do you have any closing words before you wrap up, Gary?

I want to thank Vee. I resonated with all of your answers because I was getting those hits at the same time. It was very much confirmation that what I am getting is accurate as well. I appreciate that and you. I hope that we will be able to meet again.

Gary, let us be friends.

You got it.



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