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" Stephen Berkley's TEDx talk was nothing short of groundbreaking — pushing the boundaries of our understanding of grief, healing, and the connections that endure beyond the physical realm.  Stephen's explanation of how science supports relating to our departed loved ones is remarkabe. It left the audience astounded and inspired.

From the moment he took the stage, it was evident that this presentation was not just another talk  — but  rather a profound journey into the human experience. Stephen's passion for the subject matter is heartwarming, and his deep understanding of the scientific and emotional aspects of grief  is truly impressive. THis message is clear:  Conversations with the dead are not just matters of the heart, the  accompanying health benefits are real and supported by  science.

In the end, this talk was a masterclass in redefining our approach to grief and grief treatment. He didn't merely challenge our conventional thinking, he shattered it, offering a fresh perspective that's deeply rooted in science. His presentation is a call to action to seek healing through open communication with the departed.  This talk will undoubtedly reshape the way we think about therapy and the power of enduring connections."

- Cheyenne Burnett

" Stephen is not just a leader; he is an empathetic visionary with a compelling message that touches the heart. His ability to think outside the box has led to the discovery of a valuable tool for maintaining connections with our loved ones and navigating the process of healthy grieving. Stephen's genuine care for our well-being is evident.

As a vulnerable storyteller, he has a unique gift for making people feel less alone in their experiences. He is a true contributor to the creation of a positive and encouraging community built on deep connections. Sharing the TEDx Woodinville stage with him was an absolute honor and privilege, as Stephen's presence and message are truly transformative."

- Meghan Bonde M.A. CCC-SLP, EdS.

" Stephen Berkley's talk at TEDxWoodinville 2023 was something very special. He spoke of something that touches us all:  How we process grief, and the takeaway is out of this world.

His approach is refreshingly honest and genuine. He doesn't offer platitudes; he instead provides a wider lens with which to view our relationships. 

Stephen’s talk at TEDxWoodinville 2023 was a standout. He touched our hearts and gave us a comforting perspective on dealing with loss. His message sparks needed conversations and brings comfort to everyone who hears it. "

- Tanja Diamond 2X TEDx Speaker, TEDxWoodinville 2023 Organizer

" I was intrigued and relieved by Stephen's story on how he maintains a relationship with his good friend Jeffrey, despite Jeffrey no longer being in a body… Yes, this is an idea that will bring relief to anyone secretly still communicating with those who have passed out of the body, but not out of the thoughts of those who still love them. I now wonder if my recently passed friend, whom I talk to on walks, may indeed find value in our new remote connection. Stephen brings his full fun self to support speaker coaching with valuable feedback."

- Jacquie Chandler, Author


" I was captivated by Stephen Berkley's TEDx talk. His storytelling was exceptional, and I felt a deep connection to his message. It was a transformative experience. I left the conference inspired and motivated to speak to my lost friend."  

- Jeffrey Weiss

" If there was one word I’d use to describe Stephen Berkley, it’s genuine. He is genuinely committed to delivering purposeful, powerful content — whether on the screen or as a speaker on stage. I watched an interview where Stephen said that he waits until he has something worth saying before he speaks. I can say as both an audience member and colleague that Stephen delivers on that promise: His message speaks volumes and is therefore worth sharing.


As a fellow speaker, Stephen is the ideal team player — always willing to give constructive feedback and support his fellow speakers. He also seeks and applies feedback from others to strengthen his own delivery and craft the strongest possible message. 

It was a pleasure working with Stephen, and I will always strongly recommend him for your event."

- Kimberly Parry, CMPC, CVPS

"" Stephen’s talk was captivating. He spoke about “talking with ghosts,” and how acknowledging the dead's presence can reverse grief symptoms. This is an amazing topic that everyone experiencing the loss of a loved one can learn from. Stephen’s energy on stage was amazing and he executed his talk flawlessly. He was also an absolute pleasure to work with and an incredible teammate." 

- Jason Ferguson, Keynote Speaker & Mental Conditioning Coach

" Stephen Berkley is a master speaker. He delighted the audience with a story about how death does not end relationships. When Stephen took the stage, there was no question that he was comfortable and in charge. He painted a picture that people can relate to—a loved dies unexpectedly, as almost everyone has experienced or will experience at some point.  The gift Stephen gives is an expectation of continued relating. His sensitive nature, sense of humor and successful-storytelling ability combine to make a very powerful presentation indeed." 

Judith M. Weigle, Mediator, Podcast Host

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" Stephen is one of those rare people who is willing to take on a topic that has become the brunt of jokes and disbelief. I have the utmost regard for him and his TEDx talk, which was truthful, inspiring, and filled with life. Watch his talk and then “Life with Ghosts.” You will love it and be haunted by it forever!"

- Corinna Fales


" Stephen Berkley's presentation on acknowledging the continued presence of the deceased in our lives was both poignant and profound. With depth and sensitivity, he explored the healing power of embracing memories, emphasizing the importance of being present with the living while cherishing the departed.


As I delved into Stephen's insights, I felt a deep sense of solace. His reflections on reversing debilitating grief symptoms resonated profoundly, offering a fresh perspective on coping and healing. In today's world, where the finality of death often overshadows the beauty of memories, Stephen's insights are both timely and transformative. Consider the countless individuals seeking closure after the loss of a loved one. By acknowledging the continued presence of the departed, they can find comfort, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.


Stephen's topic is especially relevant in the current global context, marked by loss and grief due to various challenges. His emphasis on cherishing memories and finding strength in them can pave the way for more holistic healing processes.


Stephen's ability to intertwine personal stories with broader societal observations made his session deeply impactful. He didn't just discuss grief; he celebrated the timeless bond of love, urging the audience to find strength in memories and connections."

- Dr. George Birnbach 

" Stephen Berkley suggests that we all seriously consider that the ability to speak with our dearly departed is a very dear reality.  Echoing his lead, I urge you to say hello to that extraordinary person who no longer sits across from you at the dinner table, but can share daily morsels with you whenever you call them to the table of your mind." 

James Flaherty, Author

" Stephen Berkley's talk was so refreshing in a climate where people are afraid of being considered crazy when talking to someone or something not visible as a human being. He was reminding us that we are all connected and acknowledging that makes our lives richer on every level.

Stephen was present at the talk practices, encouraging, helpful, caring, supportive. He is a great addition to any team."

- Corinna Stoeffl, Photographer

" Stephen’s warm and humorous speaking style encourages the audience to really listen to a topic that, in other hands, would seem far-fetched and improbable. Stephen beautifully lays out the scientific and spiritual arguments for talking to the dead, citing his own firsthand experience as well as the experience of many others. Using numerous studies, Stephens lays out, step by step, the enormous healing power of speaking with those who have gone before us. Stephen speaks eloquently and from the heart, and you want to believe him."

- Beth Norcross, Executive Director

The Center for Spirituality in Nature

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