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#005 An Oncology Researcher Turns Medium, With Guest: Cheryl Page (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 16

Life With Ghosts | Cheryl Page | Mediumship

Stephen interviews Cheryl Page, a scientist who felt compelled to practice mediumship after the love of her life was hit by a car and killed. In this fascinating 55-minute interview, Cheryl shares her insights and strategies for connecting to loved ones residing at higher frequencies.* 


*The show's host is also the writer/director of the award-winning documentary film LIFE WITH GHOSTS, now streaming at for a limited time.



Welcome, everyone, to another edition of the show. We have a special guest. Cheryl Page is with us. It should be a fascinating interview. Without further ado, over to you, Stephen.


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Chat With Guest Cheryl Page (Part 1)

It was 2017 and Cheryl Page was working as an oncology researcher. The love of her life was crossing the street and was hit by a car and killed. The police called a friend apparently of Cheryl’s, and then that friend called Cheryl and broke that news to you. I know your life pretty much did a 180 since then. You were a left-brain, fairly normal scientist. You were not interested in anything ghosts or paranormal-related at all. Suddenly, this happens. T[2]he love of your life’s name is Scott. Could you tell me about who you and Scott were in this life?

I’ll be completely honest. Scott was the love of my life, but the truth is even though we were a couple, the profound part of our love affair started on July 7th, 2017. It is so much more large and so much more robust. I can tell you about our life, the things that we did, and who we were, but it was so not as interesting as it has been.

Do you want to skip forward to after the car accident? Is that what you wanted?

It makes the most sense because it’s the place where it got way more interesting. Scott is a way more interesting person than me anyway, but it got way more interesting.

Let me rewind and try that again. It was the summer of July 7th, 2017 when the love affair between Cheryl Page and the love of her life, Scott, that’s when it started. Is that better?

That’s better. It’s more the truth.

We don’t have the contrast though. We don’t know what you guys were like before. How do I know it’s better? Tell me how it’s better.

How it’s better is that the person that I was on July 6th, 2017 is not the person that I am now. He died that day on the 7th of July. The part of me perhaps that needed to die died on that day as well. The shocking thing was he ended up being my midwife, birthing me into this new paradigm. We went to concerts. We played pool. We did life things beforehand, but it wasn’t. He was a traveler and a really interesting guy, but sorry, Scott. I can’t make it about you. It’s really about me and what happened as a result of his graduation.

He graduated to the next octave on July 7th, 2017. On that day, another journey that I could never have anticipated began. I’m in awe of what’s possible. What I want to say is that death and distance are lies. He didn’t die and he didn’t go off above a cloud somewhere. He’s in the next room. That next octave isn’t very far away. It’s flat foot to tippy toe. It wasn’t that instantaneously, I had this epiphany, and all of a sudden, I had wings and infinite understanding. I was ripped from the moorings of my life at 8:37 AM on July 7th, 2017 when I got that phone call.

Take me through it. Take me through at least the bullet points. Take me through what happened and how that happening changed you.

It was a normal workday. I had gone to work and I came home to bring my kids some breakfast when this call came through at 8:37. The reason I got the call was because nobody knew how to get ahold of Scott’s family except me. I was called so his family could be notified. It’s not news that you’re ever prepared to receive. This wasn’t a slow agonizing death with cancer. It was that he was here and then he was gone. It was as though all of the oxygen was sucked out of my life.

You have to go through the motions. You have to talk to the coroner. It’s an unattended death for all intents and purposes because he was hit by this truck. Then, there has to be an autopsy. I have to choose his clothes. I’d have to talk to the funeral home. All of the logistics that are involved mean that on some level, you stay afloat. You want to die, but you have to stay afloat to manage all of the minutiae of managing someone’s passing.

I was dealing with the police. His 92-year-old dad wasn’t able to handle those logistics, so I was tasked with all of those logistics. He didn’t want to see Scott in the funeral home, but I needed to see Scott in the funeral home. He died on a Friday. I delivered the clothes on Monday. Monday afternoon, I got to go and sit in this chapel and hold his hand. Nothing prepares you for what that is.

I have really close friends on the line that don’t even know this story. I was sitting there in this chapel. It was him on a gurney with his clothes, his sunglasses on his head, and his flip-flops on his feet. I thought about Jackie Kennedy. I remember reading a story about how when she was in the hospital after Jack Kennedy died. She kissed him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. I thought, “If it’s good enough for Jackie and Jack, then it’s good enough for me,” so I kissed him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. I didn’t know the amazing journey that was still ahead. I was still in that tailspin of grief. I’m so grateful to be on the other side of that kind of agonizing pain.

What happened to start your journey to where you are? What was the first thing that happened?

I was completely a neophyte. All I knew was that Scott was this whirling, dervish, energizer bunny kind of a human and I knew that he couldn’t be extinguished. I began to ask the question, but I didn’t even have the language of, is continuity of consciousness real? Is it possible that he survived and that his consciousness still existed?

I suppose I did what all of us do when we have that kind of a loss. You start reading books and you start talking to people. I didn’t know anybody who knew anybody who knew a medium. It was the farthest from my reality. Yet, I know Scott, and Scott was always the guy who would say to somebody, “I know somebody who can hook you up.” He was always the guy putting people together. I, in hindsight, know he was behind the scenes, making sure to push people into my path so that I would find my way. The simple way that I started was by saying, “Scott, you need to let me know that you’re here. Give me a sign.” We have to learn how to recognize. We’re making the ask, but if we don’t even know what we’re watching for, then they’re trying so hard and it’s flying over our heads.

How did you know what to watch for?

In hindsight, it’s 2020. Magical, amazing things started to happen, but I was suffocating on my grief. That’s where you hear mediums say, “You don’t want to do a reading too soon because grief is such a heavy emotion.” That’s true. It’s not just about not having a reading. You’re encased in that grief so that the obvious perhaps is passing by you. I did start to receive signs. Yet, it’s the same thing. I was like, “Did I make that up? Did that happen?” All of the ways that we doubt when we don’t know what we’re looking for. Signs started to happen and more amazing and more quickly.

Life With Ghosts | Cheryl Page | Mediumship
Mediumship: You don't want to do a reading too soon because grief is such a heavy emotion.

It was Scott then who was ushering you into it. You called it a rebirth. He was the midwife. Is that how you put it?


He was the midwife who ushered you into this new space. You were a scientist. You still are a scientist. That’s not the way you think. You don’t think in terms of, “We go on.” How did you bridge that gap between what was happening and how you were thinking?

I had to find a strategy. I want to add a disclaimer, Stephen, because it’s such a slippery slope. My disclaimer is that I’m not claiming that I have all the answers or that mine is the absolute truth. This is my present understanding from my present level of ignorance, so take it for what it’s worth. These are all true to life and experiences that I had.

I had to find a way to balance the science, and then all of a sudden, there’s this spirituality thing. The way that I found as a coping mechanism, if you will, was a simple phrase, “What if?” What if it’s Scott? What if it’s not? What if that happened? What if it didn’t? What if his consciousness survived? What if it didn’t? If I could say, “What if?” it left me in a place of possibility rather than my, sad to say, historical stance, which was, “That’s not true. That’s not possible,” as opposed to, “What if?” That was what saved me.

You asked, “What if?” What’s the rest of that sentence? What if what?

Amazing things kept happening. It’s like, “Is that real? Is this happening?” His nickname was Froggy. Everybody knew him as Froggy so much so that when they said Scott Whitlock died in the newspaper, people didn’t know who that was until it said Froggy. I was driving across to another valley and there was a hitchhiker. I never pick up hitchhikers. As a single woman, your mother tells you, “Never pick up hitchhikers.” Yet, I’m driving, and in my mind, it’s not like I know yet that Scott’s talking to me, but I hear Scott say, “He’s not a murderer. It’s 8,000 degrees outside. It’s August. Pick the guy up.” I pull over, pick the guy up, and he gets in.

He’s clearly a homeless guy, but he’s a clean homeless guy. He has a little sign. He’s driving to these hot springs and I’m driving right by. We’re chatting and he said he came back to the valley. We were talking about how things changed. I said, “My boyfriend got hit by a car and passed away last month.” He says, “Froggy?” I said, “Yes.” He goes, “Everybody loved Froggy. He was amazing.” All of a sudden, there’s this bond between me and this homeless guy. We’re talking and he is telling me about his life and all this. Finally, I realized I was being rude. I said, “What’s your name?” He said, “Scott.”

We get to the hot springs. Scott loved hot tubs and hot springs. I asked this gentleman if he would put some of Scott’s ashes into the hot springs for me and he was so grateful. He said, “I would be honored to put Froggy’s ashes in the hot springs.” That was August 2017. Fast forward to June 2018. It’s 11:30 at night. I’m sitting at home and I hear some sirens. Eleven months later, Scott Adams was hit by a car on the same highway a few miles from where Scott passed. I got one Scott and I got another Scott. To me, it sounds tragic, but it’s magical that Scott Adams showed up to give me a gift. I wonder sometimes as we get closer to the veil, something like that might become possible.

We’re not going to call it a coincidence. We’ll call it synchronicity. What would you call it exactly?

I changed the use of the word coincidence to coincidence because it’s where we coincide with spirit.

We have this coincidence. It still feels like a Herculean leap to make from where you were to where you are. I need you to fill in the color a little bit more for me so people know who you are. You practice mediumship. Before you go on, I’m giving you a testimonial. I had one conversation with you. Your ability to connect seems profound. You don’t seem like a novice to me. You seem like somebody who’s been doing this all her life. Please, continue.

Suzanne Giesemann had come to Carbondale to do a talk, but I missed it. I wasn’t aware that she was there. Some friends had gone and said, “She's amazing.” I watched the videos, read the books, and thought, “Her waiting list is two years long. It doesn’t matter. She’s left-brained enough for me. I’ll still be interested in two years.” I signed up for her waiting list.

Two weeks later, she called me on the phone. She said, “This is Suzanne Giesemann. I’ve had a cancellation and you’re supposed to have a reading.” What do I know? She didn’t Google me. I made sure I changed my email address. I did all these backflips to make sure she didn’t figure out who I was, but she came up with where he died and how he died, that he used to live in France, he used to play professional baseball, and all these things and his name. At the end of the reading, I said, “It’s clear to me that you’ve connected with him. How do I do that? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life going to mediums.” She said the one word I hoped she wouldn’t say. Meditation.

I was going to guess that word. I’ve said that a number of times in a condescending way.

She says, “Meditation. I said something a little more profound than, “Shoot.” She said, “Think about it this way. Prayer is asking and thanking. Meditation is listening.” It took all the pressure off of me because I didn’t have to sit in a lotus position, have prayer flags, and drive a Prius. I could sit and listen for him. My meditation became a listening practice. In my humble opinion, at this point, there is no way around it. If you’re going to get there, some form of listening practice is required. If you call it listening practice, it’s not as intimidating as meditation.

Prayer is asking and thinking. Meditation is listening.

I began listening for Scott. I had HemiSync on in my earphones and she said, “Ask him to come. Listen for him. Over time, spirit has the ability to push a thought into your conscious awareness, so listen. Over time, you’ll be able to tell the difference between him giving you a thought and a thought that’s yours.” What I can tell you is it seemed like he showed up right away, but what do I know? I hoped it was him, so I had to keep going back to, “What if it’s him?” I held the space of, “What if it’s him?”

My declaration is, “I serve the light. Anyone who serves the light is welcome here.” Scott shows up. My friend John shows up. I got other people showing up, but I don’t know if it’s real or if I’m making it up in my head. Over time, it began to be clear. It was not like standing in a meadow and a butterfly landed on my arm, but clearly, evidential things started to happen to let me know that something was unfolding.

I want to let the audience know that I’m going to be talking to Cheryl most of the time because I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time, but there will be a Q&A afterward. Cheryl has agreed to stay a little bit late. We will let you guys ask questions at some point, but not yet. I’m not really quite done yet.[3]

First of all, that’s fantastic. Let me ask you this question. I am not a good meditator, I don’t think. I’ve tried. I feel like I failed. It was advised that I don’t try so hard because I was getting down on myself that I tried other things. You corroborated that this is probably okay for me to either look at a picture of a meadow. Could I do a walking meditation, do you think, and also listen for my beloved?

Let me give you my mathematical equation because I can’t help myself. For me, meditation is A plus B equals C. A is the activity. That’s the non-variable, which is meditation. B, what is your intention? Is it mindfulness? Is it that you want to sit beside bliss and higher consciousness? Is it that you want to lower your stress? For me, my intent was I wanted to connect with Scott. My intention, my B, drove C, the outcome. Whatever your intention is, if you want to lower stress, that’s different than if you want to connect with spirit.

A plus B equals C. Pay attention to what your B is because that’s going to drive the outcome. I was only meditating to listen. I wasn’t trying to be at peace. I wasn’t trying to lower stress. I wanted to connect with Scott. I did transcendental meditation when I was twelve and I was given a mantra. I was like, “What the heck’s a mantra?” Nobody told the twelve-year-old me what a mantra was for. Now, I understand.

Suzanne’s guidance to me was always to meditate with a notepad in your lap, close your eyes, and have the HemiSync, which I do believe is a secret sauce. You have a thought, you open your eyes, you write it down, and you close your eyes. More importantly, it is to understand what’s happening. There’s the, “Do this,” but then physiologically, there is scientific data to document both the neuroplasticity changes in your brain and the upregulation of your central nervous system through meditative practice.

P[4]eople say chakras. Some people say energy centers. If you’re upregulating your central nervous system, what are you doing? You’re making yourself a bigger radio antenna. The radio antenna receives the information and transduces it into useful information. Here’s the other thing, Stephen, that’s really important people understand. The biggest question we ask early on is, “What if I made that up in my head? What if that’s my imagination?”

Exactly. We’re like, “How do I respond to that?”

Here’s the thing to understand. Think about your imagination like a blender. If you have a blender in your kitchen, you can make a smoothie with your blender. If I come to your house, I can make a smoothie with your blender. Spirit can come and use the tool of my imagination. We make this mistake of thinking imagination always means fantasy or imaginary.

This incredible author wrote a piece in 1964 or 1969 called Henry Corbin. It’s called Mundus Imaginala. He talks about the imaginary versus the imaginal. My friend, Joe Taylor, shared with me a thought. This is not my wisdom. This is somebody else way smarter than me. It was that imagination is to intuition as talking is to singing. You couldn’t intuit if you couldn’t use your imagination like you couldn’t sing if you couldn’t talk. Don’t confuse the tool of your imagination. Make no mistake. Spirit can push a thought into your conscious awareness and give you visual images, smells, sights, and sounds using the tool, the blender, of your imagination.

I got to tell you. I love the way you framed that because that makes sense to me. I am a logical person too. I really loved the way you put that. You did something with me when we met. You showed me what the difference is and how it feels. Do you know what I’m talking about? Putting an item in my hand, changing colors. Could you do that for the audience? I got a lot out of that. Do it with me and everybody should do it with me.

That’d be great. Maybe we could do it with Gary because you already know what to expect. Is that okay?

That’s true.

Are you good, Gary?

I am good.

I’m going to give you an exercise where you are going to experience the tool called your imagination. Close your eyes. Make something up and put it in your hand. It doesn’t matter what it is. I don’t need to know what it is but make something up and tell me when you have something in your hand. You got it?


Look at that thing and tell me what color it is.

Silver and clear.

Keep your eyes closed. You’re looking at it in your mind’s eye. You see the silver and clear thing. I’m going to ask you to change it to some different colors. I want you to say, “Okay,” every time it changes to a different color, all right?


Do you see the silver and clear thing?


I want you to change it to yellow.


Change it to purple.


Change it to green.

Got it.

Change it to blue.

Got it.

Change it to white.


Change it to orange.


Change it to black.


Change it back to silver and clear.

Got it.

You can open your eyes. That is the fluidity of you using the tool of your imagination. That’s you running the blender. What I would like for you to do is I’d like you to pick someone in spirit that you love who can help with the next part of the activity. I don’t need to know who it is but tell me when you have someone in mind.

I do.

Here’s the part that’s really important. There is no right answer. I need you to be a scientist and report what happens. It’s tempting to think, “There’s a right answer and I’m going to give the right answer.” There’s no right answer. This is a crime scene investigator. Report what you see. You’ve got your loved one in your heart, right?


I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to imagine you hear a knock at the door. You walk to the door and open the door. There’s your loved one and they stay, “Surprise.” In that moment, it’s more than love. It’s joy. You invite them into the house after you give them this bear hug. You go and find a place where you can sit on the couch, thigh to thigh. Energetically, you’re touching each other. What I want you to do this time, and keep your eyes closed, is I want you to hold out your hand. This time, I want you to ask your loved one to place something in your hand. The very first thing you think of is the thing. Don’t second guess. It doesn’t matter. You got the thing?


What color is it?


Feel the love of your loved one. Look at the white thing in your mind’s eye. This is the part I need you to tell me what happens. I want you to look at that white thing, and I want you to try to change it to any other color. Tell me what happens.

Interesting. Tell you what happens?


It was a cassette tape that had a very pertinent song on it related to this person. When I changed it, all the music on the cassette tape changed.

You can open your eyes. Invariably, sometimes, it’s that it won’t change, and that you can feel the resistance. I imagine some felt the resistance to it not changing.

I felt the resistance, Cheryl.

When I first did it, I forced it to change, and then it changed back. I’ve had people say exactly what Gary shared, which is, “I tried to change it and it changed into something else.” It was like the resistance is in the form of, “I gave you this and you’re trying to change it, so I’m going to mess with it.”

It morphed into something else, another item.


That happened to me also.

It was still relevant to the person.

That was a fantastic demonstration. For me, when you first did that with me and now, it gave me an idea of what the difference is between imaginal and imaginary. You said it was that book. I thought it was Frederick Myers in the 1800s who came up with imaginal.

It might be, but there’s the article. If someone was going to Google it, it’s Mundus Imaginalis by Henry Corbin in the 1960s. It’s 1964.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

It was great. Tell me what you’re doing that’s like, “I can’t believe I’m here. This is what’s happening in my life now. This is what I’m doing.” Tell me about that.

It’s important to underscore the first time where I really understood that there was a capacity. I’m going to change the name to protect the innocent. Six weeks into my listening practice, I was meditating one night. Granted, I’m a researcher. I know how to take documentation. Sometimes, it was a shopping list of things that I was hearing.

That night, I heard Christopher Tassel, 1954, and airplane. I don’t know what that is. In real-time, I’m trying not to break my state and think about what that is. I write it down. I get done with the meditation. I’m looking at the piece of paper and thinking, “I don’t know who Christopher Tassel is,” but I go to Google because I’m a researcher[5]. I go to Google and type in Christopher Tassel, 1954, and airplane. Up pops this obituary. I was in Colorado at the time. It was some family on the East Coast. Christopher Tassel died in 2014. He was born in 1954. What am I supposed to do with that?

I feel Scott’s here. They’re not in my ceiling, but I was looking at them like they were in my ceiling. I got Scott in my ceiling. I got my friend John in my ceiling. All of a sudden, this guy, Christopher Tassel, is in my ceiling. I’m thinking, “What about the airplane?” I go back and find the next road down. There’s a guy with the same name. He is a Jet airline pilot. I realize it’s the son of the guy in my ceiling. I still don’t know what to do with it.

What I hear Christopher Tassel say to me is, “It’s Christmas. You have to call my family. You have to tell them I’m still right here and I love them.” I was in my room by myself, but I said, “You are on crack. I am not doing that. I don’t know these people. They’re going to think I want something. I’m not doing it. I’m going to bed. You guys figure it out. If you’re going to talk me into this, you’re going to have to get creative.”

I go to bed, get up, and meditate. There they are, Larry, Curly, and Moe in my ceiling. The feeling is, “You have to call my family.” Suzanne Giesemann had a new book out called Still Right Here. It came in the mail. I hadn’t read it. I picked up the book and said, “Here’s the deal.” If there was a hidden camera, I would look like a crazy person. I’m having this conversation with these three guys in my ceiling.

The backstory is when I closed my eyes and Scott was there, I saw sparklers of blue. Christopher Tassel Jr. was a Jet Airline pilot. That's an important backstory. I picked up the book and said, “Here’s the deal. I’m going to open this book to a random page, and whatever my eyes land on has to be a sign or I’m not doing it. No searching the page for meaning.” He said, “Deal.” I close my eyes, fill my heart up with joy, and open the page. My eyes land on the phrase JetBlue Airlines. I say to the ceiling, “I’m calling your family.”

The only way I have to call his family is through the Jet Airline company. I’m thinking, “I can send an email,” but on the website, his personal email address isn’t there. I was like, “I’ll dial the number.” I get an automated voice, “Thank you for calling Jet Charters. For sales, press one. For repairs, press two. For Christopher Tassel, press three.” I’m thinking, “I get to leave a voicemail.”

I push three and he answers the phone. I’m in deep water. I’m like, “Holy crow.” I pointed at the ceiling like, “You got me into this. You better help me out.” I put on my least crazy oncologist, researcher voice and said, “My name is Cheryl. I’m calling from a cancer center in Colorado,” because I knew his dad died from cancer. I said, “I wanted to send you a personal email, but your personal email address isn’t on your website. I’m hoping you would give it to me. I promise I’m not a crazy person.” He laughs and says, “Sure.” He gives me the email address. I said, “Thank you.”

As I’m about to hang up, he says, “Do you mind if I ask what it’s in regards to?” I white lied a little bit to keep it on an even keel. I said, “It’s in regards to your father. We might have a friend in common.” I[6] said, “I’d feel better if I could send you an email. You don’t have to reach out to me. You don’t have to call me back. I am compelled to share the information.” You know how guys are. A woman wouldn’t have let me off the phone, but a guy’s like, “Okay.”

We hung up and I typed this email and Scott, mediums, listening, Christopher Tassel, 1954, and airplane. I include a picture of me and Scott to add some validity to it. I sent the email and pointed to the ceiling. I said, “I did it. I’m out of here. I got to go to work.” I go to work, and two hours later, the phone rings. It’s the sister of the guy I talked to, the daughter of the man in my ceiling, and she’s crying. She says, “My whole family has been in tears since we got your email because every Christmas since my father died, he finds a way to let us know that he’s still right here. This year, you are the messenger.”

I love that story.

God bless those people for being kind and receptive. I knew at that moment that something bigger was possible that I had not imagined. That really was the shifting point for me of, “What else is possible here?” Fast forward to practicing with friends, joining a mediumship practice group, and asking friends, “Can I practice and see what happens?” I don’t know what I’m doing, but one thing led to another.

We can fast forward to 2023. It’s not a ton, but I’ve done over 1,000 readings in the last couple of six years. It is mind-boggling to me that that is possible. People say, “You have to be a born medium.” That’s crap.” I don’t agree. We’re either all born mediums or none of us are. I believe it’s hardwired. If we’re cells in the body of God, the universe, then we all have this capacity. My mission at this point is to simplify as much as possible so that everyone who knows that kind of staggering pain can understand that this is a learnable skill. I am living proof that anybody can learn how to do this.

Being a medium is hardwired. If we're cells in the body of God and the universe, then we all have this capacity.

People can come to you for a mediumship. Do you also teach mediumship?

Yes and no. I have a mediumship group that I lead, but I’m beginning to explore being one of me and having a day job how I could realistically disseminate that information. I’m working on a book to try to put some information into that space, but I’m still trying to work that out.

I’m going to impose upon you and ask you what I project everyone in the audience is thinking. I want a step-by-step map. I want to know how to make contact. I want to know step by step what to do. The first step, I believe, was to get into a joyful state. You call it dog joy. You get into a joyful state like your dog gets happy when they see you come home from work, and then you invite your loved one. You make up an appointment at a certain time or whenever they come by. When should they come by, Cheryl?

You said I could only give one word. In my opinion, “What if?” is our foundation, but the one word that’s the most important and is constantly, in my assessment, overlooked is ask. You have to ask. It’s not enough to set your intention. If you’re asking but you still don’t know what you’re looking for, don’t blame it on them. If you ask for signs and then you’re not getting signs, here’s what you don’t do, is go, “He doesn’t send me any signs.” That’s not fair. What you say is, “Dad, I know you’re here. I know you love me. I know you’re trying. I’m not recognizing any of the signs you’re sending. Help me to learn to recognize the signs you’re sending.”

You have to ask. It's not enough to set your intention.

When we met, to let the audience in on something because I met you weeks ago or months ago, I was that person I was saying, “I tried to connect to Jeffrey, my best friend, who I lost 10 years ago. I tried to connect to him and I didn't get any signs.” I was complaining to you. I was like, “I could feel him around me sometimes, but I don’t know. I don’t have any evidence.” I was begrudging him to some degree.

You said, “It’s not Jeffrey’s fault. He’s with us right now. He’s saying, “It’s not my fault.” “Maybe you’re not as quick study as you think you are, Steve,” was what I got from you, but from him really. You were 100% right. I wasn’t asking him to come into my world. I was expecting and I was angry at him for not making a big splash. Thank you for that. I invited him here as you instructed. I feel him with me, so thank you.

This is not a spectator sport. Whether you are asking your loved one for signs or whether you go to a medium, we have to break this habit of thinking that this is a spectator sport. It’s like, “I’m going to sit here. Mom, prove to me that you’re here.” Don’t do that. That’s the wrong frequency. The reason why I say joy is b[7]ecause love can be complicated. You might love your dad, but it was a complicated relationship. I’ve stopped saying love as much as joy because joy doesn’t have any question in it. Joy doesn’t have any cloudiness in it.

Step by step, “What if?” means you stay open like, “What if that was a sign from him?” Ask and then pay attention. I’ve told this story before, so some will know this story. It’s the best possible story of how it can be in layers like a Russian nesting doll. It’s never, “He sent the butterfly.” Go and look up the spiritual meaning of the butterfly. How dynamic can you make it?

Scott lived in Aspen, Colorado. When we would go see his dad, we would take road trips in my old blue Toyota. He then passed and I’m learning to listen. It’s Thanksgiving morning the year after he passed. I’m driving through this canyon. I can’t get a radio signal, so I turn off the radio as I’m driving along. All of a sudden, I know that he’s in the seat beside me. It’s not even a maybe. It’s that he’s there. I put my hand into the passenger seat and started talking to him. I’m thanking him for not abandoning me and for helping me figure this out.

As I’m talking, the palm of my hand starts to get hotter. It was like someone was turning up a stove flame in the middle of my hand almost to ouch. I say, “You’re here and you’re holding my hand. This is so amazing.” Since I’m a good listener at this point, I hear, “Turn on the radio.” I take that hand. I’m driving 70 miles an hour, trying not to crash the car. I poked the radio, put my hand back, and it was some random country song. The lyrics coming out of the radio at that exact instant were, “If Heaven is anywhere, it’s right here always having your hand to hold.”

That’s right on the nose.

I’m laughing, crying, and trying not to crash the car, but I don’t know the song. Here’s the teachable moment. Don’t stop there that he held my hand. I get the song. I’ve got a pad of paper and I’m writing down enough lyrics so I can find it later. The song ends and another song starts. It’s a song about holding the hand of someone you love.

I get to his dad’s, I come back, and there’s the notepad in my passenger seat. I was like, “I want to look that up.” I go into the house and look up the song, I find the song and read the lyrics. I can’t believe my eyes. I watch the video and I’m looking at the lyrics. I realize, “This isn’t a song about holding the hand of someone you love. This is a song about holding the hand of someone you love while you’re on a road trip in an old blue Toyota.”

That’s so fantastic. That’s wonderful. I love it. Thank you.

Don’t ever assume that one thing is the whole thing. It’s always more. They always layer the gifts. My assertion is even in a reading, you get the stuff that you know. It is like, “Your grandma had an apron with unicorns on it and she made apple pie every Sunday.” Those are yeses, but what’s packed in the yeses? What’s packed in the nose? They do the best they can through the filter of the medium. Cut them a break and do a little bit of the heavy lifting. Don’t have them serve it to you like, “Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupons? I’m serving it to you on a silver platter.”

Life With Ghosts | Cheryl Page | Mediumship
Mediumship: Don't ever assume that one thing is the whole thing. It's always more. They always layer the gifts.

You’re saying it’s okay to ask for evidence. I’ve been told by some mediums that it emits a negative charge. You don’t want to be dubious when you’re dealing with spirit.

Are you asking with joy?

I don’t know. My memory is not that good. Let me ask you this. Can you ask for something specific or do you leave it up to spirit to show you their own sign?

It’s a learning process. If it’s you and me as a friendship, you and I find our rhythm in this physical life. Scott and I had to find our rhythm with him in the next octave. It’s different. We can ask for specific things. Why not? The answer is no if you don’t ask, so experiment. Also, don’t be myopic in that, “I only ask this way.” I open random books. I am as creative as possible.

One day, I’m passing by the bookshelf. I see his picture on the bookshelf and say, “Scott, do you have a message for me ?” I pick a book, close my eyes, fill my heart up with joy, open the page, and look down. My eyes land on the phrase, “Yes, I do.” How creative are you getting so that they have the capacity? Don’t be boring.

You’re really throwing them the gauntlet, I feel. You’re saying, “Steve and the audience, be creative. Do some of the heavy lifting. Don’t leave it up to them and work with them.” You used a term. It was vibrationship. Am I saying that right?


You and Scott have a vibrationship. That was Scott’s word, right? Not yours.

That’s Scott’s word. I asked him one day. I said, “When you were here, we had a relationship. Now you’re here, what is this? What do we have?” He says a word I’d never heard before. He said, “We have a vibrationship.” I need the definition. I was like, “What does that mean?” He says, “Meaningful connectivity between two people on different vibrational octaves.” This is something else I want to propose, Stephen.

I’m saying this a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but any reasonable person would say, “July 7th, 2017 is the last day that Cheryl could make a new memory with Scott.” Every single time, I get a sign. That’s a new memory and we need to hold it. It’s not, “They’re still dead and gone and I got a sign.” It’s, “We have a vibrationship and they gave me a sign.” I keep a journal of all of the signs because those are my new memories with him.

You didn’t answer this question before, but now you can answer it. How would you characterize your relationship with Scott?

Total badassery. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but it’s totally badassery. It’s so dynamic, fun, interesting, and joyful. He sets the bar high. It’s not, “Cheryl, let me peel you another grape.” He holds the bar high and expects me to meet him. It’s a partnership, but it’s a partnership that’s equal. It’s one on one side of the fence and one on the other side of the fence. It’s very dynamic. He continues to be my greatest teacher.

I had a mental image of the two of you. Tell me if this is my psychic ability being accurate. I feel like you’re playing with him. It’s a game you’re creating with each other. You’re developing your skills and you’re both having fun, it sounds like.

Joy is a very high frequency. Every day, I wake up, I kiss his picture, and I say, “Let’s rock the day.” You might want to write this down. This is a great phrase. It is, “Show me your presence in wondrous ways.” If you think about words casting a spell, if I say to you, “You are the most amazing, creative, and interesting person that I’ve ever met,” that’s a good spell. That makes you feel good.

If I say to Scott, “Show me your presence in wondrous ways.” I don’t say, “Show me your presence by sending me a football by noon.” I could do that, but it’s way more interesting. As a neophyte, it may be that you have to get your sea legs under you. The title of the book that I’m writing is Vibrationship: Conversational Fluency in the Language of the Non-Local Realms. That’s the thing I’d like to give you guys as an awareness.

If you want to go to Mexico and you don’t speak Spanish, you don’t need to learn to read it, write it, and give your dissertation in it. Y[8]ou don’t need very much in order to be able to function in a different language. We do have to learn to function in this different language that they speak. If you don’t think you have to learn to read and write your dissertation in it, then it lightens the burden a little bit. Flat foot to tippy toe, you don’t have to travel very far. They’ll help.

I realize I’ve been speaking to you for about an hour. I do need to hand the reins over to Gary in a moment and let the audience ask questions.[9] First, I want to say two things. First of all, you are the most wondrous, special person I’ve ever known. I’d like you to tell me. If you are offering mediumship readings, how do people arrange for that?

My website is You can reach out to me through I have a day job. I work 40 hours a week, so I pretty much do readings on weekends. If I say I’m booking into December, it’s not because I’m so fantastical. It’s that I have a day job and I can only do readings on the weekends. I will certainly be happy to correspond and communicate with people and try to get things set up if that’s what people want.

You and I did not have an official reading. You volunteered some things to me. What I will share back to you and what made it so special for me was, and you corroborated this too, that you have an expansive vocabulary and you are very well-read. When spirit wants to give you an analogy, let’s say, you got it. You get it quickly. I feel like with your library of words, your argot, and your parlance, you’re able to do more with that than I’ve experienced with others. That was wonderful for me.


Gary, it’s time for you to take over and let the audience ask questions. I’m going to remind everybody, and you’re going to remind them too, Gary. Since Cheryl has a limited amount of time, even though she’s willing to stay late, she’s not going to stay all night with us, please frame your question. In the first sentence that you say, your whole question is in that sentence and then listen for the answer. Gary, it’s your turn.

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