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#007 Yes, the World is in Turmoil, But Here's What We Can Do, with Guest Veronica Drake

Updated: Apr 16

Stephen asks Psychic Medium Veronica Drake to lead a New Year's exercise in order to raise our group's frequency and invite our departed loved ones to join us in greeting the new year together. It seems to work just as powerfully on replay.

*The show's host is also the writer/director of the award-winning documentary film LIFE WITH GHOSTS, now streaming at for a limited time.


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Chat With Guest Veronica Drake

Before this show started, I was talking to Gary and V about this. I was feeling a little bit weird going into New Year's Eve. I was not in a festive mood for New Year at all. This is why I wanted to talk to V and Gary about this before the show even began. I don't know when I had those weird feelings if it's just me having a weird feeling or if I'm emblematic of the entire country or the entire world.

I was feeling weird and I'm feeling weird about a few things. One, terrible atrocities are being committed in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine. 2024 promises to be a very weird election year no matter what your party is. Climate change continues to be a threat to humanity. What is 2024 going to bring? Am I feeling weird because the whole country may be feeling a little bit vulnerable? V, what do you say?

We all are vulnerable. Vulnerability is a great thing because it shows you where the wounds are. As we can identify the wounds, whether they're in ourselves or in our collective, we can begin to pay attention to how we address those wounds. What is our role? How are we vibrating? How are we adding to the collective and the situation? Through the vulnerability, we get exposed and see the wounds but the healing happens through that. I choose to look at it through that lens.

Thank you. I wanted to have a different episode. This is not going to be a straight interview and it's because I'm feeling a little bit weird, as I said. I feel like I want to start off the new year feeling good. It so happens that you're one of those people that make me feel good when I talk to you. It might be because you are so yourself. You're unabashedly yourself always.

For better or worse.

That gives me permission to be myself and that feels great. I wanted to have more of a community meeting-type feel rather than an interview. I want us all to join hands metaphysically in the digital space and have a Kumbaya show. We’re saying goodbye to 2023 and some people had positive things happen. I'm sure a lot of people had some not-so-positive things happen. From what I'm learning from being in space, one of the benefits of being in space, you'll learn little truisms.

They're not stuff to make you feel good but stuff that you just know is true and feel about. Everything is a learning experience. My father used to tell me that when I was growing up, but now I'm feeling it. Maybe these things that feel like pitfalls are opportunities to learn and grow. That sounds a little bit like a platitude. My old self would have shunned that way of thinking but it's 100% true. We are learning and all the real crap that we end up stepping in this life, we are learning from. We're becoming better people because of that.

That's a great point. I want to use this analogy. If you've ever not felt well or physically well and maybe you've even gone to the doctor. The doctor was like, “Here are your symptoms,” but can't figure out what it is, “There's no real diagnosis here,” then you keep going. There's that doom that, “What is it?” I speak from personal experience with this. The minute that you know what it is, you gain your power back because you understand, “I might not like what it is but now I know what it is. I can begin to have a process where I can start to feel.”

There are so many unknowns as you mentioned. We can speculate about this and that but the reality is if we look at the collective as a wound, we're wounded. We don't know exactly what that is but if we can look spiritually and metaphysically inside and understand the bigger lessons to it, we can begin to take our own journey to healing which then brings the collective together. Gary, what are your thoughts?

Once again, I have that sense of foreboding for the year ahead. Not in a negative way, but there's a lot that's going to be happening. It then urges us to work on ourselves to keep our own vibration high because we affect everyone we encounter. It's of utmost importance to stay in a high vibrational state this year, and that's going to counter much of what we're going to be feeling that would appear more negative. Those are my thoughts.

We have an effect on everyone we encounter, so it's of utmost importance to stay in a high vibrational state this year.

Thank you. I appreciate that, Gary. It's a good time because it's a new year. I'm going to talk a little bit about what our hopes and dreams are for our collective message, which is that not only do we go on. I think most shows of this nature are saying, “There's evidence. We go on.” We're not going there. We know we go on. We know our loved ones are with us. What we don't know is how best to connect to them maybe.

If you're anything like me, you want to know how better to stay in touch and express love and receive love. That's what I'm after. In terms of the message that I would like to broadcast to the world, great things will happen in 2023. I got things out of Ted Talk. It's not published yet, but hopefully when it's published. It's all about the science behind after-death communication. It's going to open some eyes and going to help move that proverbial needle forward.

I've spoken at many groups like private groups and grief support groups, for example. In 2024, I'm going to go on the Conference Summit Circuit where people, hopefully, will invite me to talk and I'll probably show a trailer of the film and talk for hopefully 10 or 15 minutes about the science that's there to support this way of living. We're not proselytizing. We're not trying to convert anybody to doing something you don't feel comfortable doing.

It's important to know that there are tools that are at people's disposal they could use to connect better. I'm going to be wanting to talk about that for my show. Some people have been asking me, “When is the show? When is the film going to be on PBS?” That was a long time ago. I was starting to raise money to make a cut just for PBS.

I think it will happen in 2024, but I have to find underwriters. For people who are not familiar with PBS parlance, underwriters are basically sponsors who don't mind having their name connected to the movie. Not necessarily putting in a very glitzy ad, but the ad will say before the movie starts like, “This program is brought to you by Apple Corporation.” That's their whole ad.

They have to pay a pretty penny in order to do that. The grief associations and foundations that I've been speaking with, I've very much value having them as allies. Unfortunately, due to the nature of things, they don't necessarily have deep pockets, so I'm going to have to knock on the doors of corporations and foundations with deep pockets and try to get them to underwrite the documentary. If anybody here has any suggestions for a company or foundation I should be approaching. I am all ears. Respond to any email you get from this show and it'll get to me.

The other tidbit before we move on is I've been working with a couple of different mediums. The reason why is that I've always been interested in connecting and practicing mediumship. I would dabble but as of my interview with Cheryl Page, I decided to go all in. I was like, “It's enough playing. I should put my money where my mouth is. If I'm going to tell people that they could connect easily to their loved ones, I better be able to do it at will. I'm going to start working on it.”

I realized I wanted to take my community with me, just like I had my community with me for the Ted Talk which made me more confident and gave a better delivery. I want to offer everyone here the opportunity to have whatever I learned. I'm collaborating with two different people. What I'm hoping to do is come up with a program at some point. It's like a how-to thing.

I know plenty of mediums offer these lessons, but my mediums are more my style maybe. If you want to change pace from the mediums you've learned from, maybe you'd want to think about this. Whatever we do is going to be very reasonably priced. It's going to be no frills. I'll make those available as soon as I can. Probably, by the summer, we should be able to have these two together for you. Going from there, we could probably now move on to the larger part of the evening. V, are you ready for me?


I want everybody to hold hands. I want you to lead us as a community to give a cheerful goodbye to 2023. Thank you for whatever we've learned and help prepare us for what promises to be a hairy 2024. Why don’t you take us through something to cleanse our palate of 2023 and start afresh? You had something you were thinking about introducing to this group that goes along these lines. What was it called?

It's called CALM. If I may, I'd like to say some remarks before but CALM is the process that I will take you through. Connect to an intention, Ask directly, Listen actively, and Master the messages. That's the acronym for CALM. If I could, I'd like to start out by asking you to give yourself a little bit of grace when it comes to this. One of the hardest things to do in life and in a relationship particularly is to communicate.

How many of you have partners or family members that it's like you want to pull your hair out? Communication sometimes can be the bane of our existence like, “She doesn't get me or this.” Therapist offices are filled because people struggle to communicate. I want you to give yourself some grace when it comes to speaking to spirit. I don't like the term the other side, but I haven't figured out something that feels close to that. What I believe is the other side is Grandpa went to the kitchen. He didn't go anywhere but for terms, upstairs. There's a great word.

I want you to make 2024 the year that you're going to offer yourself grace. Communication with spirit, your loved ones, and self-talk especially. I'm a huge advocate of how you speak to yourself. Understand that all of this matters. I'd like to start out like this. I want you all in your mind's eye and you can write it down on a piece of paper. On a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the greatest, where is your energy right now? Stephen, you can tell me out loud if you want.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: How you speak to yourself really matters.

I want to share with you, V, that as soon as you ask that question, I feel my body for the first time.

Your vibration is up. What we're going to do is super simple. Anytime that you're feeling, let's say 6 or under or 5 or under, I want you to think about this and mentally do this. For a minute, close your eyes and I want you to give me ten jumping jacks in your mind's eye. One, two, three, jumping jack. Make it happen in your mind's eye.

After you've got your ten jumping jacks, I want you to shake it off. You just did your jumping jacks. I want you to notice your body. I want you to notice what happened to your vibe. Did your vibration go up at all? Did your physical body feel it? Here's the thing, the mind doesn't know from physically real or, “It's in my mind.” Raising your vibration can be that simple.

It's going to take time to do that but what we're going to do is I have CALM. We're going to take a little stroll. I invite you to do whatever makes you most comfortable. What we're going to do is we're going to ready our bodies for communication and for some interaction. We're going to begin by clearing our energetic bodies and raising our vibrations simultaneously.

Close your eyes or don't close your eyes. Whatever you want. I want you to take a breath. I want you to imagine a beautiful stream of energy that's flowing into the top of your head. I want you to become connected to the sensations that are both your physical body and your energetic body. Become aware of your surroundings. Is it cool in your room? Is it warm in your room? Do you have an itching arm? Do you have a sore tone? Notice everything. Become present.

Now, I want you to picture the stream of energy cascading down from your crown chakra. It's gently touching your forehead. This is known as your third eye. I want you to feel the area waking up. Imagine a newborn as it stretches its arms and it yawns. It opens up so beautifully to the world. Your sensations and your third eye are pulsating and they're strong. Now, the energy is waking up your voice. Your literal voice as well as your soul's voice. You are recharging and rejuvenating the center of communication. As the stream flows down through each of your energy centers, you become more aware of the direct connection between this power stream and this energy.

Deeply connected are the sensations located in your heart space. Filling you up with a warm gentle flow. I want you to imagine your heart expanding. It's pulsating. It's expanding and it's growing wider with each beat. Each breath makes it bigger. Sit with this expansion. There are no boundaries. There are no rules. Be with this expansion. When you're ready, move with the energy into your solar plexus. Allow the energy of your heart to flow into the center itself. This is a great receiver.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: There are no boundaries. There are no rules. Just be with this expansion.

Move to your sacral below your belly button. As before, there is an overabundance of energy that is flowing from above into your sacral. You are carrying the power and the energy of voice. The power and the pulsation of your heart are moving into your sacral chakra. Inhale and exhale. Now, we are taken to the root. This is the waking up of all the ancestors who came before you. All of those who are in your physical realm as well as your spiritual realm.

You stand on the shoulders of each ancestor. You are very decidedly connected. There is a distinct vibration that pulsates through you. It is unique to you. Your frequencies are emitted. Your elders are drawing near. Now, it is time to relax and allow all connections. This is the time to be intentional. Who are you wanting to connect to? This can be a deceased loved one, a pet, an ancestor, or a guide.

As you move into the ask or the invite, be as natural as possible. Use language that you would normally use when you're inviting your loved ones over for coffee. We don't need to go all language that's “spiritually correct.” It doesn't have to be that way. You’re having a casual conversation and this can happen out loud or in your head. It makes no difference. Once you know who it is you'd like to invite or spend time with or ask questions of, now is the time for concentration and meditation.

The M word tends to scare people, so I just say loosen up. Join me as we take a walk. Let's link arms and let's walk. Allow your mind to walk leisurely into a space or a place that brings you joy. You know joy. You look on YouTube, you see a basket full of puppies or a basketful of kittens or maybe you see baby feet. You know the feeling of joy. You are hard-wired for it. Now, our walk may take us into a wooded area. We may stroll along the ocean's edge or maybe we're sitting in a park under a huge old oak tree.

You are present and you are engaging all of your five senses and beyond. I want you to notice what you see, hear, and feel. What do you taste in the air? There's a faint distant sound. What is it? Is it the close connections as the waves crest the beach? Is it the beautiful wrestling of the leaves on the tree? This is your place. It is what you make it. In the distance, you see a bench. The closer you get, you see someone sitting on the bench.

At first, it's a silhouette. As you get nearer, you see that this is the person you've invited to connect to. There they are, the biggest life. Feel your body when you first realize and see with real eyes that it is your loved one. What happens to your body and to your energy? It's them. They're here. You take a seat beside them and the conversation begins. You are the listener at first. Release all expectations and all conditions you may hold in your mind.

This communication is only of a different frequency and like learning a new language, it's going to take time. You're going to have grace. You're going to go easy on yourself as you practice with the end goal being fluidity. You will walk away with messages. I encourage you and invite you to have a pen and paper. Maybe you'll see signs. Maybe you'll see symbols flow in. You cannot break this concentration by writing down things.

It's okay to write them down as they come in. Most likely, they may not make sense to you immediately. Mastering the message will come in time. Everyone is different. Take the next few moments and embrace the messages coming in. This space that you've created and that we've walked to hosts this bench and your loved one, your ancestors, or your guides. This is your space. You can make this as fancy as you'd like. You can make it as simple as you'd like. It is a familiar space to you.

As you're beginning to learn this process, you can consistently go to the space for familiarity. Take a few minutes, get your messages and when you're ready, come back to us. Thank them for showing up. Show gratitude. Thank them for whatever messages they've given you. In the event that you didn't get a message, be grateful for the opportunity to have created a space for messages to flow-in in the future. There is always something to be grateful for.

There is always something to be grateful for.

This is the process of being CALM. You can see how as we started with our jumping jacks, we raised your vibration. It's like when you're training for a marathon. You're not going to get up on a Sunday and say, “I'll run a marathon on the following Sunday.” You're going to do the exercises. You're going to put the time in. You're going to condition. For those of you who are seasoned at this, here's what I'll say to that. Always be a student. Be a perpetual learner.

Always be a student. Be a perpetual learner.

I've been doing this for eighteen years. I will never tell you it's my way or the highway because I don't know that. I will never tell you that I have it all figured out because every single day, and I get chills with this because spirits are whispering in my ear, “Tell them every single day contains moments of surprise and you will not know everything there is to know in one breath and in one meeting.”

We live a physical lifetime trying to figure things out. Give yourself grace in space because I promise you, if there's one thing I know a million percent and I could be very sure of this, our loved ones don't go anywhere. They're right here. That's what I have for our beautiful beginning to a very beautiful 2024. I refuse to believe that 2024 will ruffle my feathers in a way that I can't straighten them out because I have all the power.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: We live a physical lifetime trying to figure things out. Give yourself grace and space.

Don't approach it with fear. It's an opportunity in 2024 for us to grow exponentially with everything that's going on in the world. It's also exciting in a sense. Would you agree, V?

I would agree and I've learned not to look at things as good or bad or right or wrong. I do live in a world where my soul is having experiences. If I begin to judge the experiences that my soul is having, imagine all of the magic that I'm missing. It’s like refusing to grow up. I refuse to give up my curiosity and I will always and forever walk through eyes of wonderment. It’s who I am.

Fear puts a damper on that sense of wonder. Let's not approach it with fear but with love.

If I could put a punctuation mark at the end of that. I was a fan of John Edward. I'm sure a lot of people were also at that show Crossing Over. There's one thing he said to me in the making of that show that stuck with me for all these years. There was someone in the audience, I think it was a parent who had lost a child. Maybe she was in the audience that John helped connect, but she must have been through hell at one point, but maybe she was now on the other side of that.

She said to John when John said, “How do you feel now? How do you feel about losing your child? Are you still angry at God? Where do you stand?” She said, “It's all blessings.” That means that she came to a place where everything is growth. Everything that we're experiencing here is growth. Even the things that are so horrific, we can even speak about it.

If you think about the turmoil or the stressors that we have in our human everyday life, it's because we resist what is. We have something different that we're expecting. I've worked hard and I'm not there all the way, believe me. I've worked hard not to have expectations in this life. I have a childhood, as we all do, that speaks to a lot of disappointment. A lot of that is traced back to and I can remember very specifically sitting on my front porch with my little handbag in my brand-new patent leather shoes waiting to be picked up to go on a date with my aunt. Inevitably, time and time again, she would stand me up. Now as an adult, I get it but as a child, that speaks to something. I look at that and I do believe that taught me how to keep my expectations in check.

I'm wondering, in terms of where to take this episode next, what do you propose? We do want to let the audience ask questions soon but is there another area besides getting to that CALM place do you think that we could address?

If you're able to get to that space, and I intentionally put the emphasis on your personal space, that bench. If you are to practice going there in your mind's eye and creating that space, that takes it to a whole other level. The literal mind can be attracted to something familiar. I like that part of it. Did anybody here have an experience? Was anybody able in that short time and it was very short. This was an example of how you can do this.

You go back and listen to the recording, but did anybody meet with anybody in that short amount of time? Was there any? There's somebody that met. Again, this is practice. “I did have an experience,” Ethan says. “I saw Eric on the bench,” Jonathan says. “I had an experience and met with my husband even though I was busy cooking dinner.”

It is very possible. We're in an environment here where the vibration goes up because we're the collective and everybody's feeding into that energy. Imagine as you practice doing this and you call in the support troops your guide and your angels. You get that frequency. A lot of people had experiences here. You can even what the bench is made of and what the bench looks like. For me, when I do this exercise, I'm a nature person. I get fed by nature. I sat on a huge boulder. My bench was a rock. I felt the rock which hosted the ancestors and the energy of the land. I get chills. I get so passionate about all of this.

I appreciate the trip you just took me on. That was great. Before we move on to questions, I want to ask you. I know you've made a change in terms of how you're operating in terms of your business. What is the change you made exactly? The people that are here, is it accessible to them?

I will tell you this, I took time. I took a sabbatical from what I was doing. I put a lot of effort and working with spirit to birth this. I'm focusing on working with women in mid-life or experiencing transitions and trauma. I'm helping them bridge the transition and the trauma with who they are here to be calm. Having said that, I will never walk away from mediumship. It's too important to my heart. It's too important to people.

When you find somebody that's so connected and I hope and pray that I bring the integrity to that relationship. I honor that. Your audience is very near and dear to my heart. I want to say, anybody out there that wants to get a reading with me, message me and I'll even give 30% off my fees. I got to earn money. I'm the breadwinner. It's how I live, but I want to keep it in a respectful space for all of us.

Thank you, V. I know V has a hard stop at the top of the hour.

I'm always happy to come back.

I'm going to hold you to that, V.

V is our returning champion. I'm going to call on some of these people that have their hands up.

Go ahead, Gary.

This is my first time on the show. I enjoyed watching the movie. I have done automatic writing. My son passed away in 2016. He drowned and he did show up on the bench for me in our exercise but I have trouble hearing him. I've seen him. I feel his energy around me. It's been eight years. I miss him but I can't hear what he's saying to me.

He was on the bench with you. He was there. If he was speaking to you, what would he be saying to you? I want you to start with that. You haven't seen him in eight years. Here you are, you're reintroduced of sorts. You're on the bench. What happens is people will go, “Am I making this up? This is my thought.” What if it weren't? What if that were him talking to you? Would you want to miss that message? What did he what did you hear? You did hear something?

I felt a lot of joy and love.

He gave you a hug.

Energetically. You're introducing a concept that they haven't gone anywhere and I feel his presence in different times. It still feels to me, Veronica, like I'm wishful thinking. I have no trouble believing this. I just have trouble receiving what I get.

We live in a world where we're conditioned. If you were a little girl and you would go tell somebody this or you go talk to all your friends about this, I don't know you personally, but what would your circle say about spirit communication? What do they do? Who supports you in this? How free do you feel to do this?

It varies. I'm a spiritual teacher myself. It’s frustrating to me because I could do this with and for other people, but when it comes to me, it's like all the tools, skills, and talent ebbs away.

Do you know nickels? The coin nickels and keys. Does that mean anything to you with regard to him? Sit with it because the first thing he showed me were keys.

Sit with that and trust what comes to you like you do for other people. Trust it. Write it down if you need to then walk away from it and come back to it. It's lovely to meet you, Karen.

Nice to meet you too. Thank you.

Thank you, Karen. Laura, go ahead with your question.

I would like to know, Veronica, what do you think about Ouija boards?

Here's the thing, Ouija board or squeegee board is a tool. If you're using the Ouija board with the intention to call in the hatchet murderer or the evil spirits, you're going to get it. It's the intention behind it. It's a tool. That's what I've always believed.

The only time I've ever had any undeniable experience was many years ago using an Ouija board then somebody scared me out and said, “Don't. It's bad.” I said, “I'm not going to use it.” Let me just ask you.

Make sure your mind and your intention are in the right space, love and vibration. Again, go on YouTube. Look at the puppies. That's joy. Vibrate that frequency. Use it, how about it?

Thank you so much.

Kathy. Go ahead with your question.

I just want to say thank you to Veronica. I had two losses. My longtime partner took his own life a few months ago then I lost my father. This is a new journey for me but thank you for giving me the confidence that this is real because like another person said sometimes my fears and my lack of confidence get in the way. It's always helpful and I felt very confident in that experience. Thank you and I'll give a shout-out to Stephen and Gary also. Thank you for setting up this community.

Thank you.

Thank you and I’m so sorry for your losses.

I think everybody here has many losses.

Yours are fresher, maybe.

Offer yourself some grace as you travel through these emotions and feel them. That's the most important thing. Feel them whatever that means for you.

Thank you.

Kathy, I had one not long ago. My heart goes out to you. Gary, go ahead.

What would you say to someone, that someone being me or others who's just stuck and blocked? I've had spontaneous experiences my whole life. I grew up in an atmosphere where it was not considered. We're talking conversations sometimes but it was nothing that was discouraged. A couple of years ago, I decided to finally take a class with someone who I felt comfortable with very low cost online and I was shocked at the experiences I had in the mediumship exercises at how strong it was and coming through and everything. As soon as I made a decision to do it on purpose, it was locked up, painful, and uncomfortable.

A couple of things, and the intuitive in me is going to say this to you. I can feel there's a lot of unresolved stuff. I could use the trauma word, but I don't know if that's accurate. That's one thing. There's a lot of unresolved that resides deep in the energy self. I'm not saying that's blocking you. I'm just saying that's something I'm picking up.

The other thing is that you did so well in class because of the energy of the feeling of somebody being there and there was some form of validation, which speaks to me about confidence. On a scale of 1 to 10 in your everyday life, how confident are you? You don't have to answer this out loud. How do you move that needle a little bit no matter where you are? That's what I would say to you there.

You are confirming what I was wondering about. That helps because discomfort with people equals discomfort with spirit, which I didn't expect.

Discomfort with people equals discomfort with Spirit.

You may want to know because they are people.

Thank you. I've been in some practice circles and everyone sitting next to me was yacking up and exchanging readings. I'm like, “This is not for me,” because there are people everywhere and people are not my strong point but I know I have a gift, so what do I do?

What I would suggest, if you want to, I invite you to email me at, and let's book a session for you. I'm willing to give 30% off. We can discuss in the email what that looks like but we can work on some healing for you, which is what I'm feeling strongly about. I'm not promising anything because no one can promise anything.

That's okay. I don’t expect anything.

I promise you, I will show up and I will be in my integrity and in my truth. That's about as much as I can promise.

That's pretty darn good.

Thanks very much.

You're welcome.

Debbie, go ahead.

I was wondering, I have difficulty. I'm going to try to do what you mentioned but I only once connected during meditation and it was in a very big way. I felt very strong when I closed my eyes. That’s the way I meditate. I could see movement and this was a very uniform movement and I asked two questions. I asked why I was here because I felt like I had a very difficult life. I asked why I was here and I saw Jesus on the cross to my left. I know it's not something I imagined.

I know it was there. My eyes were closed, but I saw Jesus on the cross. It was surprising, and then I asked because I didn't know what else to do. I asked how I was doing here on Earth. I saw a field of white flowers. Nothing but white flowers. I was wondering what, if anything, would you make of that.

I don't doubt for one second what you saw. The interpretation of that is something that I would lead you through because I don't know the circumstances under which it was happening. I wasn't present there, but the first thing I got when you told me you saw Jesus on the cross was a sacrifice, so to sacrifice X, Y, and Z to get A, B, and C. I would say to you is let's flip the coin. You've had a very hard life. What's the story you're telling? I'm not lessening the experience for you or mocking anything, but how can we make lemonade out of lemons? Energetically, that's the turnaround right there. It's simple, but it's not easy.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Is it to turn it around into a more positive life?

If sacrifice is what Jesus represents, which I'm assuming this because that's the first thing I heard. What’s the opposite of that? What comes after sacrifice because we live in a dual world. There's duality. From sacrifice comes compassion, comes mercy. It's about focusing on both sides of it. This is a bigger conversation than right here right now.

I am compassionate. I watch TV every day and when I see what's happening in the world, I almost feel the pain of all the things going on and so forth. You're not saying I'm not compassionate.

How do you show self-compassion? How are you compassionate for yourself?

I'm not sure I am.

That's the first place to start. That's your first place your work, how can I show compassion to myself? Ask that question then listen or automatically write when it comes in.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, Debbie. Now, Queisha.

It's my first time joining this group and I'm very honored to be here. Thank you, Karen Dean, who told me about it. I have a quick question because I only have a moment. I did the exercise and much to my surprise, I saw my old friend Lou, a friend of twenty years who didn't believe in life after death. I was talking to him on the phone while I was in the hospital and I said, “Even though you don't believe it, when you die, just go to the light.”

I got there in time to be there when you passed and he must shout out his body so fast because I never felt a thing. He was gone. My question to Veronica and I know you have to go because now it's your time to go. I generally don't connect with people I know on the other side I call it home, but it's easy to get messages from strangers.

When I saw him, I thought, “Finally, after six years since he died, I could talk to him. I have a few questions.” Do you have a suggestion as to how I might be able to shift from just connecting with people I don't know with messages for people here? Is there a reason why I can't seem to connect with people I know? I'll take your answer quietly because I know you got to go and thank you.

You can do it and be intentional about it. If you want Grandpa Joe and you have memories of Grandpa Joe. The more you can familiarize yourself, feel those memories, and recreate that energy of connection to Grandpa Joe. Put that out there and know that Lou is chomping at the bit to come in. He's right there for you and here's the other thing. You don't have to have an agenda with people.

Life With Ghosts—LET'S CHAT! | Veronica Drake | Spirit Communication
Spirit Communication: You don't have to have an agenda in spirit communication.

If you're walking around this world in physical reality and you have an agenda with people, that is like, “I'll talk to you if.” I'm being extreme with this, but if you're going into spirit communication and you have an agenda that's one-sided it feels like, or “I'm here for this.” Maybe you're not saying that, but maybe your vibe is saying that. Have an open intention to have a mutually respectful and mutually fulfilling agenda. That may help.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I look forward to coming to these meetings in the future.

I do have a hard stop because my husband and I are getting ready to have our New Year's dinner.

Veronica, it is such a pleasure seeing you and having you lead us through that exercise. I appreciate it. I'm sure, I speak for everyone here. Thank you so much. Gary, could you wrap up the show for me?

Sure, and anybody that would like to hang out and talk, Stephen is going to step away for a minute then he'll be back. If you have questions for him. If you need to go, that's perfectly fine. V, I am always so pleased to see you. We will be talking again soon. Our returning champion, Veronica Drake. Thank you for being here.

I love you, all. Without each and every one of you, I couldn't be who I am at this moment, so thank you from my heart.

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