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#011 Unlock Your Destiny Through Numerology: A Life-Saving Journey With Rev. Sue Frederick

Are you intrigued by the mysteries of life beyond the physical realm? Join us in this episode as host Stephen Berkeley interviews Reverend Sue Frederick— an ordained Unity Minister, clairaudient, Soul Regression Therapist, and master numerologist whose recent health crisis compelled her to rewrite her life's path. With 11 books under her belt and a career catapulted by a New York Times feature during the 2008 financial crisis, Rev. Sue brings a wealth of experience in using numerology to map the soul's journey. In this compelling conversation, she shares how numerology not only guided her life's work but also played a pivotal role in a recent life-and-death experience. Discover how numbers reveal our soul's purpose and the profound impact they can have on navigating our lives, especially in times of uncertainty. Tune in to learn about soul contracts, life paths, and the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern spirituality.


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Unlock Your Destiny Through Numerology: A Life-Saving Journey With Rev. Sue Frederick

Welcome to the show. Let’s chat. This is the show that seeks to better understand how to best communicate with our departed loved ones. Our guest is Reverend Sue Frederick.

Life With Ghosts | Sue Frederick | Numerology

Reverend Sue Frederick is an ordained unity minister, clairaudient, soul regression therapist, and master numerologist who has authored eleven books on these topics. Reverend Sue’s popularity really soared in 2008 when her private practice was featured in a New York Times article entitled Need Help Finding Your Bliss? That's when Reverend Sue was about to come out with maybe her most popular book yet, I See Your Dream Job. Does anyone here remember what was happening in 2008 that would make the demand for such a book go through the roof? Gary, what happened in 2008?


I can’t remember.


I remember.


The stock market crash.


That’s true. The world financial crisis was going on. Reverend Sue Frederick’s timing was impeccable to come out with a book about the fact that she can see your dream job. Over the last few decades, Reverend Sue Frederick has been using numbers as a navigational tool to map out the soul’s journey for her clients and for herself, which Reverend Sue said ended up saving her life. We’ll get to that a little bit later in the program. First, Reverend Sue, welcome to the show. Let’s chat.


It is so fun to be here with you. I feel like we’ve become friends over the last couple of months talking about things that were going on as we prepared for this.


I feel that way, certainly. I have to admit right at the gate that I referenced your New York Times writeup very purposefully. I’m still a bit tentative with things that I perceive as being somewhat more woo on the woo spectrum than other things, but the fact that you caught the attention of the New York Times, the paper of record, which has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other publication, makes me feel comfortable as a content creator taking a good, hard look at numerology.


Thank you. The New York Times took it seriously. They interviewed a bunch of my clients whom I’d helped with numerology. As they do, they fact-check everything. It was such a terrible economic time that they were willing to think out of the box a little bit because so many people were losing their jobs and were unemployed and companies were going under. I was blessed that I had already been doing that work and that book was already being published by St. Martin’s Press. It takes two years to get a book out from a big publisher. When the crash happened, it was divine timing. I was able to help a lot more people because of that book.

"Numbers Are The Voice Of God Consciousness"

It does seem that there was some intervention there, for sure. My first question is going to be my longest question, but the rest are shorter questions. I want to prepare you for the long question. From what I understand, the roots of numerology date back to antiquity. It was Pythagoras, famous for his theorem, who created the numerology system and said numbers have a spiritual essence.


In a nutshell, numerology says that by assigning a numeric value to letters of the alphabet, we can examine both numbers in our birth names along with the numbers in our birth date to learn about ourselves and foresee our life’s path. As you explain it, numbers are the voice of God’s consciousness. Am I quoting you accurately?


Yes. Let me also say that Pythagoras didn’t just create theorems. He created our entire number system. When you and I were growing up and we were in Math class, and we were learning how to do 1 plus 3 equals 4, that all came from Pythagoras a long time ago. Also, when he created all of this system in 560 BC, he said at the time that numbers are a spiritual tool as well as a practical tool. I always laugh and think how interesting it is that when we were going through Math class, we never heard that part about math or I would’ve paid a lot more attention to Math in class.


That’s funny. When we’re looking at the numbers associated with our names, the implication is that our names are not just random whims from our parents and our birth dates are not arbitrary. Rather, they’re from a higher consciousness. Is that the implication?


The soul is eternal. It exists before we take a body, and then as we leave that body at the end of life, the soul consciousness continues. That’s been proven in quantum physics. That’s been proven in the world of science. In numerology, we believe that you plan this life before you decide to take a physical body. We also believe that you choose your date of birth because it carries a certain frequency that will bring to you the lessons you’re trying to master in this life and the gifts that you’re trying to bring.


Even if the doctor schedules a cesarean for your mom, it was your soul handwriting that number in the doctor’s calendar. For the name, our parents go through a lot of strife trying to figure out the perfect name for their child but consider that it is the soul of the child whispering that name to the parents that goes on the birth certificate because those things carry the original soul intention of the lifetime.

It is the soul of the child whispering that name to the parents that goes on the birth certificate because those things carry the original soul intention of the lifetime.

Pull Into Numerology 

That sounds really cool. Many people turn to numerology during times of uncertainty. What was going on in your life when you found numerology? What drew you into it?


That was way back in 1980. My first husband, my young, beautiful, mountain climbing husband, Paul Frederick, had died from colon cancer. I was struggling because I was turning 30 and all my friends were getting married and having babies and I was questioning the meaning of life because I’d seen this beautiful young, sweet man suffer so much and then die. It was a really painful death that he experienced even though we did conventional treatments, everything that was available back then.


When Paul crossed, I was like, “What is the purpose of life? Why do people suffer? Why am I here?” I knew Paul continued because I could feel his spirit. He was coming to me in dreams with messages, but I needed to know why I was here. I went to a therapist. I did all kinds of questioning and seriously studied every religion. Yet, the answer from me came when a numerologist sat with me and said, “Here’s your soul purpose in this life, and here’s Paul’s. Here’s the agreement you two made. That’s why he exited early, and that’s why you’re still here. You have work to do.” Her reading was the first thing that resonated as true for me and also gave me a reason to stay and find meaning in life.


In numerology, you felt very comfortable in it right away?


Yeah. It came to me so quickly. I’m so bad at math. That’s the thing where I know it’s some kind of divine order because I was obsessed with learning it. It was 1980. There was no internet. You had to figure it all out in your notebook with your pencil. I had one book I found at the bookstore about it. I was asking the person who’d given me the reading to mentor me, so she would answer my questions for a long time.


I did the path of everybody I knew, of all my family members. I began to see these extraordinary patterns and realized, “I have trouble with people on this certain birth path, but I really get along great with people on this other one.” My birth path is all about bringing higher ideas to the world. I’d been an outward-bound mountaineering instructor, which is really about inspiring people to overcome fear. I was a writer already, a journalist, and I wanted to write about health. It all resonated to me that I have a purpose and it is reflected in my soul path.


You were not a purist when it comes to numerology. You said you find numerology all by itself boring. What you do in your practice is you combine numerology with your own clairvoyance. Can you speak to that a little?


Yeah. I wouldn’t use the word boring. I would say that traditional numerology can be very limited in its understanding. Pythagoras was traditional, but many numerologists who you see on the internet are taking the numbers in a way that does not resonate with me because I believe that they’re a spiritual message. It’s not luck.


There are many famous numerologists who say, “It’s luck or unluck whatever path you end up on.” I go, “Our souls chose the path because it carried the exact lessons and exact gifts that we came to experience in this lifetime.” I flip it on its head that our soul is in charge of all of this. I truly believe that. We manifest the signs to be able to help us along the way, and numerology is one of those signs as well as astrology. There are many different signs that help us, but we have to open our minds to be able to embrace them.

Our souls chose the path because it carried the exact lessons and the exact gifts that we came to experience in this lifetime.


I had been a very left-brain logical person. My father was an engineer. My brothers were engineers in the Deep South. I had been intuitive, but I had no way to figure out how to use that in my life. It was more something I was hiding from the world so I could possibly fit in and make a living. When numerology came along, I realized, “When I do somebody’s chart, my numerology comes in so powerfully to help me understand their arc of learning, what they’re going through, and what they’re trying to learn.” It brought such compassion to me to see the whole soul’s journey for someone through numerology.

Numerology Reading

This was new to me until I met you. I didn’t know numerology at all. To share more about numerology with those members of the audience who are not well acquainted with it, I figure we can share a little bit of my reading. This will give the audience a little bit of a sample of what it is because I had no idea what it was, and now, I do. You gave me a reading as part of the pre-interview for this show. You told me that I came into this world as a 4/33. What does 4/33 mean? Why should that be important to me? I’ll let you take it from there.


I said that you came in as a cancer 33 and you’re on a 22/4 Personal Year. Cancer, I use the sun sign and the birth path to give you this overall gestalt of what you’ve come to experience. In cancer 33, 33 is the highest frequency path that a soul can choose to come in on. It’s no accident that you’re doing what you do because you came in with great sensitivity, great intuition, and a great longing to make sense of this world as it’s 33 master soul. Yet, you had to learn how to survive here.


The cancer of the sun sign represents the shell of the crab covering and protecting the tender flesh. That is such a perfect metaphor for you. You had to develop the shell to get through life and have a normal career, but all along, your soul was calling you and pulling you to investigate these other things. You’re in a 22/4 Personal Year, which is the year of shifting your work up to a bigger level. Your movie is out and is going to different venues in the next few months. It’s really you bringing your highest work to the world.


First of all, that all feels great. I want to say yes to everything because it feels wonderful, everything you’re saying. Let me ask you this. Does this mean that everybody who was born on my birthday gets my reading also?


No. The way I connect is I put my hand on your information and go into a place where I really channel your unique frequency with it. When I’m working with an individual client, I’ll do the automatic writing before the session begins with their guides giving me that advice. When I’m doing it online in a group reading, I close my eyes and it comes through.


You’re not the same as everyone else on your birth date, but you carry a certain frequency that resonates with that master soul 33 number. You, because of your past lifetimes and the gifts that you’ve brought, will manifest this 33 path in your very unique way.


What were some of the others in our history that enjoyed the 4 and the 33?


It’s 33 path.


You mentioned some historical figures. What were those historical figures?


Some of my favorite people on your path show that every path has a challenge as well as a gift. When you say your path sounds great, it also has challenges. In that deep sensitivity of your 33 path, people have gotten lost. For example, we look at Michael Jackson, a 33 Soul. He came in with such a musical gift. He was singing We Are The World in the ‘80s and bringing the world together.


Due to his sensitivities, his pain, and not being guided by people around him in a positive, helpful way, he ends up going into addiction and all kinds of dark parts of his path. When I say each path has its gifts and its challenges, it’s not given that you will live up to the great potential of your path because everything here is a blend of free will and destiny.


I came in on the 22 path of bringing higher ideas to the world, but at any moment, I could have surrendered to my grief, anger, and self-doubt and not stepped up to it. Certainly, after my husband died when I was 30 and then the next year my best childhood girlfriend died, I had a string of early deaths in my early 30s that almost did put me in that really negative angry-at-the-world place. I was fortunate enough to be able to keep looking for the light and for higher answers and end up all these years later being able to help people with my pain.


You mentioned two particular historical figures that were on a 33 life path. One of them was Jesus, and one of them was Buddha maybe. Is that right?


Jesus is believed to have come in on a 33 life path. The reason we know that is through ancient documents. I went to four years of ministry school and we got to study the original Aramaic text. There are documents that show that it is very possible that he was on the 33 birth path. That’s a beautiful illustration of living that path to its highest expression of bringing compassion, love, and a new message of healing and togetherness to the world.


Jesus said in the New Testament, “I’ll give you one commandment, and it’s more important than all the rest. It is to love one another.” That’s really what his teachings were. They’ve been dogmatized and changed throughout time and religion, but he was here preaching love, compassion, and forgiveness. Those are all 33 vibrational, high, accomplished lessons.

Soul Contracts

I also want to talk about something specific with you, and that is one thing that’s important to something I alluded to at the beginning of this interview. I mentioned that numerology saved your life. That story involves life contracts. I really want to tell the audience a little bit more about what life contracts are and how we learn what our contracts say. Could you tell me a little bit about that?


This is why I love numerology. There are many ways that we can go back through our Akashic Records and figure out what our soul is here to do and what we have done in other lifetimes. To me, numerology is the easiest and most practical way. It shows you right there you’ve got this sun sign, this birth path, and you’re in a certain reinvention cycle. You’ve got name numbers that tell you things about your heart’s longing and your personality.


You have this whole chart through numerology that says this is the life plan that you planned before you got here. It’s your soul plan. You can map it out through numerology. You can map out all of your nine-year reinvention cycles. It’s gorgeously practical in that way. When I said it saved my life, it is because, in that life plan that we know from our birth date, there are frequency shifts that we can make when we’ve come to a level of accomplishment on that path. Is that what you’re referring to?


That’s what I’m referring to. How do people find out about what their soul contract is?


They can go to my website, I have a Soul Path Calculator. If they go to the homepage, on the upper banner, the nav bar, it says Soul Path Calculator. They click on that and they can figure out their birth path and their soul mission. It’s easy. It’s an easy thing to figure out, but then, you’ve got to bring your wisdom, your intuition, and your spiritual knowledge into understanding it in a deep way.


Once we understand it, we also know that there are reinvention points on that journey and pinnacles that guide certain areas of times of our growth. For me, I had come to the end of my accomplished soul journey as it was planned before I came in on this life. I knew that, first of all, from my own soul nudgings, I was getting the nudge of, “This feels complete. What is next?” and then I had a health crisis. Do you want me to talk about that?


I’ll get into that in a moment. Do we know enough about what the soul contract is for your story to be that much more dramatic?


The soul contract can be renegotiated. When we feel we’ve come to a level of mastery with it and something has to shift up, often, it’s a possible soul exit point. The soul becomes aware that the old plan, as it stood, has been fulfilled. If we’re going to stay here, we have to rewrite that plan to a higher frequency and a higher purpose in order to stay. This isn’t something that everyone comes up against or is aware of, but it is certainly something I’ve helped clients with in my soul regression therapy work and also something that I experienced myself.


That’s good foreshadowing. We know what a soul contract is. We know that it can be renegotiated if you’re in the right spot in your journey. I get to share with this audience that something happened. On the day that you and I were supposed to have a pre-interview for this episode, you fainted in Target. Tell me what happened then.


It’s a reflection of the 22/4 birth path that I’m on. If any of you readers are on the 4, whether it’s 13/4, 31/4, or 22, you know that 4 is the number of strengths and determination and that we are the Eveready bunny. We keep on going no matter what. I had been feeling very weak. I was winded and breathless a lot. I had gone to Sedona and taught a huge numerology workshop at a conference. I’d led a meditation hike, given a great keynote, and had come home and said, “We’ve got to figure out what’s wrong with me. Something is really wrong with me.”


The doctors were focused on my heart because I have a genetic heart condition. That’s where they were looking, and that wasn’t the problem. I kept going. I was shopping at Target and fainted. That turned out to be a good thing because it got me right into the ER and right into the hospital. In two days, I was diagnosed with a pretty serious diagnosis and told that I needed surgery.


What happened then?


In that process, as I was diagnosed with exactly the same disease that I had watched my young husband suffer from, I became very reflective in the week that I had between that diagnosis and this major surgery that I was going to have. The reflection was, “Is this my soul exit point or is it time to rewrite the soul agreement, the soul plan, and change the mission for the rest of my life?”


I meditate every day, so I had also gotten this in my meditations and my connection to higher beings. I knew that I was exhausted from the work I was doing, seeing so many clients every week for twenty-something years. I was good at it and I loved helping people, but it was weighing me down. It was too much. Yet, I didn’t know what else would come after that because that’s my meaningful work. In this dark night of the soul asking, “If I’m going to stay, what is it supposed to look like?” I was getting clear messages of, “You’ve got to shift your whole way of thinking about life, work, and how you approach work.


You left out one of the more dramatic parts of the story. I have to make you tell it.


Tell me.


You were operated on the day that we were supposed to meet for the pre-interview for this program. That was the day of your operation. The operation was a success, but that night, you were bleeding and it wasn’t stopping. Is that what happened?


Yeah. In that part of the story, I had gone through the surgery successfully, so I thought, “It’s not a soul exit point.” I was in the hospital still and started hemorrhaging and losing a lot of blood, and then I thought, “Maybe it is my soul exit point.” The day after surgery when I was hemorrhaging so much, getting transfusions, and all kinds of stuff, that’s when I thought, “It is a soul exit point.” My life force was being drained from me. It was the worst day I’ve ever had. I was between worlds on that day.


You were dying on that night.


I was dying on that day. I had 1 foot in the physical world and 1 foot in the spiritual world. I believe that I made the promise of the contract solved.


What was presented? Was something presented to you? You were having either hallucinations or meditative moments. Whatever you were experiencing, something was presented to you that you had a choice to make. Is that what happened?


The choice between light and dark was one of those choices. When I left my body during surgery, because we all leave our bodies during things like that, I saw light and dark and made a re-commitment to live even more fully in the light and bring more light to more people if I stayed in this body and in this lifetime. I really asked the guides to show me exactly what that looked like and help me decide to stay and help in that way. I got clear downloads about what I needed to change and do differently in order to stay.


What do you need to do differently?


Change how I work and how I understand work. Any four path people on here know what I’m talking about. When we’re on the four path, we lean into a sense of responsibility. Hard work is a lesson handed down. My father gave me the idea that it’s all about working hard, having integrity, and being strong. That was every career I had, whether I was a health writer, a mountaineering instructor, or a numerologist intuitive. I was working incredibly hard.


The sessions I did for my clients were so in-depth, detailed, and helpful. The new stance had to be, “I am worthy as I am. I need to lean back and live more in the grace and in the light of the flow rather than leaning forward into, “What do I have to do now? What is next?” in the hard work sense.” That shift of stance has changed my whole business. I’ve gotten rid of almost all my individual client sessions. I’m teaching big group sessions that are easier for me.

I am worthy as I am. I need to lean back and live more in the grace and in the light of the flow.


I had to make other choices that also were personal and private about relationships and all kinds of things that freed me up from a sense of burden and duty that my path had really emphasized in me. I’m trying to live fully in the 22 of my path, the higher frequency, that says, “Let me shift the world from a higher frequency place that does not require that burden of effort that I had learned in the vibration of the 4.”


What got my attention in a big way and one of the reasons why I was so excited to interview you is because I didn’t know that you can rewrite your soul contract. I didn’t even know much about soul contracts to begin with, but you’re telling me that people can be facing a life-threatening illness and they could rewrite, make a deal, and bargain. You bargained for where you are. Tell me about that bargaining process.

Bargaining Process

It’s an inner process. This is why I believe everybody should be meditating every day. When we’re focused on the world and having conversations with people in our lives, we are not looking within in having those conversations. We need to have it with our guides, our departed loved ones, and God’s consciousness force.


When I got my diagnosis, it was all about turning inward. I did a lot of inner reflection, talking to my guides, my departed father who I was very close to, and my departed husband Paul, and saying, “Show me what this is because I need to see it clearly and know that if I’m supposed to stay, I need to understand what that looks like.” I got clear visions from it. Everyone can ask those questions, but you’ve all got to learn to quiet the mind in order to know what’s coming from the soul.


The monkey mind is our fear-based thinking. It’s always going to tell us something wrong, bad, or scary, like, “This is terrible. This is the worst moment of your life. You’ll never get through this.” That’s the human monkey mind. Yet, the soul is always going, “This is an interesting choice point. How would you like your path to unfold moving forward? How can you be a greater tool of higher consciousness and light if you stay here on earth at this very pivotal time?”


Those are the questions the guides were discussing with me. You can ask your guides about that. You can go into your meditation, quiet your mind, and ask those questions. You can even do automatic writing to get answers or you can listen. I hear it and sense it so clearly. The messages for me were so clear, so I’ve had to act on them. We all have to act on the changes that we’re promising we’re going to make or it’s another thought in our heads.

We all have to act on the changes that we’re promising we're going to make or it's just another thought in our head.


The higher forces ignore our thinking for the most part. They wait to see what action we’re going to take and what our frequency level is. I was really raising my frequency with gratitude through the whole thing, which is something else. All of you, when you go through a dark night of the soul or even a health crisis, feeling gratitude for the nurses, the doctors, and all of that is sometimes really hard to do.


I was dying that day. I was hemorrhaging. I was lost in my own misery and was feeling terrible, but when there would be a nurse, a doctor, or a family member, I would send so much love and gratitude to them and love them unconditionally, soul to soul. It would shift my frequency. Those are the steps that helped me pull out of my dark night of the soul and also understand clearly what had to be changed about my life in order to stay.


This is going to sound very simple, but I want to put it in terms that I could easily remember. If I get a scary diagnosis, let’s say, or I get injured and feel like I’m bedridden, I could have a conversation with myself where I could ask the question from my higher self, “How could I be of better service to the world? How can I raise my vibration? How could I be a better person while I’m here? How could I do better?”


That is the right question.


Do I listen for the answer or do I try to come up with the answers myself?


No, quiet that mind. You have a very active mind because you’re intelligent and successful. That’s the part that has to be quieted through meditation. The answers come in a deep sense of knowingness. They get downloaded to us and we go, “That feels true. That resonates.” It’s not a logical thought process. That’s the hard part about being human. We’re all addicted to listening to the left brain monkey mind and it doesn’t serve us.


Humanity is at a tipping point. I’m not the only person saying this. I’m sure everybody you’ve interviewed has mentioned that consciousness is at a frequency shift. I do believe that those of us who agree to kick our work, our life, and our frequency to a higher level and try to help out through this time may be able to rewrite the soul plan if that is what we’re facing at the moment.


It was certainly true of me. I’m in my 70s, so it would not have been a crime for me to die. I’ve lived a great long life. When I agreed to re-up, so to speak, and stay, I knew that I had to have a higher frequency and more light in my life and work. It’s different for everybody, but those are the questions we need to ask and the conversations we need to have with our guides and our departed loved ones.


In terms of the prognosis you were given and where you are, do you feel like you defied expectations?


Yeah. It was a miracle healing. Before the surgery, the surgeon had done a lot of tests on me to determine how far she thought it had spread and how much of my colon she’d have to remove. She had told me that there were lymph nodes that were suspicious-looking. You never want to hear that. I was doing all my inner work before that surgery. I wanted to go into surgery at a really high frequency of no fear, only feeling love and gratitude, and being very clear on, “If I stay, what will I be doing and who will I be?”


I went through the surgery, and then I had my day of almost dying and then living. That was part of it. I had to be reborn. When we bleed out and we have all of our blood replaced, that is metaphysically truly a rebirth. If you read the body and blood of Christ and the metaphysical meanings of all these things, the blood has to do with your life force and your life intention. By changing out all my blood, it was a metaphorical rebirth. It was part of the process for me.


When the surgeon went in to do the surgery, she took out a big chunk of my colon and 25 lymph nodes. When I saw that, I thought, “I didn’t even know you had 25 lymph nodes in that area.” She wanted to make sure it was all clean. She sent it to the lab, so a few days went by before I had the result. She then called me one night crying with happiness and said, “It is all clear. There is no spread anywhere, even the lymph nodes that I thought looked suspicious.” She even said, “You’ve had a miracle. Now, go live your life.” I cried for a long time when I got that phone call with gratitude, joy, and love knowing that I am here to try to help more people in a bigger, different way and make a difference. I’m so grateful for the chance.


If I’m going to remember anything from this episode, what I’m going to take away is that I can bargain for a new life plan if I need to. That’s very empowering, so thank you for that. Are you teaching a workshop on this?




Is it on June 22nd, 2024?

More Of Rev. Sue

Yes. It’s an online workshop on how to do it. I’ll be teaching techniques and very practical steps. We don’t rewrite the plan unless we’re in a crisis. When things are going great, we’re like, “Everything’s going pretty well. I don’t need to rewrite my plan,” but when we hit a reinvention point, a broken heart, we lose someone we love, or we have a health crisis, that’s when we’re going through a rewrite of the plan, saying, “How can I move through this with more grace and ease, understand the lesson that is a part of this for my soul, and move through it without all of the pain and suffering?” Those are the questions we need to ask. Those are the questions that get us to the place of a new life and a new plan.


Is there anything that you would like to, in terms of your mission, share with the audience? Is there anything you’re doing or you want to do? Is there anything you want to share that I did not cover that we should really say something about?


I have a book that’s been out for about a year that I think would help a lot of people if they’re in a dark night of the soul. It’s called Through a Divine Lens. I was writing about how we have two ways we see our lives. One is through the monkey mind, the worry mind, or the ego, and the other is through the soul, the higher view, and the higher understanding.


Before I went through this crisis, I had already written the whole book that showed those techniques. That book is on Amazon if you only want to buy the book. If you want to work with me, I’m doing so many group events that you can be a part of. I’m teaching an online numerology class again in July 2024. Those are so fun. I’m also doing these online group readings where instead of doing individual clients, I’m doing ten people at once in a group. It’s going so well. People are loving it. You can sign up for those on my website,


At first, you were probably worried that you were going to have to give up the one-on-one sessions, but you’re finding that the group sessions are exciting and robust. A lot of people are attending and they love that.


They say that they’re benefiting from hearing other people’s stories and other people’s readings that I’m giving. It’s more than just hearing your own story. I believe every group comes together on purpose. It’s so interesting because every group I’ve done has a certain theme. Whether they’re all grieving, they’re all at a career reinvention point, or they’re all going through divorces, there’s a theme that randomly happens in each group. The numbers really help those people understand why they’re going through this and how to move forward through it.


Thank you so much.

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