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#008 Dos And Don’ts When Communicating With Spirits, With Outspoken Mystic June Ahern

Updated: Apr 14

When we’re in grief, there’s understandably a strong urge to communicate with our departed loved one, but how sure are we that we’re doing it correctly? Not all mediums agree on what’s right or wrong when communicating with spirts. In this episode Stephen interviews outspoken mystic June Ahern to share her recommended dos and don'ts when trying to speak with someone who has already transitioned. Get ready to have some of your beliefs and practices challenged as June doesn’t hold back on her opinions that are born out of experience and a profound understanding of the field. Tune in!


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Dos And Don’ts When Communicating With Spirits, With Outspoken Mystic June Ahern

We have a special night for you. We have Outspoken Mystic June Ahern with us. Stephen, over to you.

Thank you, Gary. It's been a while since I've seen you all. It feels like a lot of time has gone by. A lot of things have happened in my world, as I'm sure in your world. I have three matters I want to share with you before we start the show. First, a lot of people have asked me if I can give them a status update on Thea. Only people who attend the live broadcast and stay for the Q&A would know who Thea is. Once you hear her story, you won't forget her.

Thea shared with our group that, several years ago, while on a family vacation, she was driving with her husband and four children that included a set of triplets. They were rear-ended by someone who was not paying attention, killing two of the triplets. Now she describes every moment of her waking life as a living hell. She tried talk therapy. I arranged for her to meet an IADC counselor. She saw four mediums, including a world-renowned medium, and none gave her a scintilla of relief.

I am happy to report, however, that our own Veronica Drake, who was my first guest and was my most recent guest before now. She and I met with Thea to brainstorm some ideas. And Veronica ended up giving Thea an impromptu successful reading. Is Thea happy now? Of course not, and no one is expecting that. She's not going to be in a tolerable state anytime soon. But... I could say that, by virtue of this community's existence, Thea has had the experience of an evidential medium connecting to her lost children, and that's a win to some degree, I guess.

I know people have been trying to book an appointment with Veronica Drake. FYI, she and I are producing a course together. But for those who have been trying to book a one-on-one session, her website is now accepting new appointments. For a while, it wasn't, and now it is. is her website. You would sign-up for an "intuitive reading."

As much as I think our group thinks of ourselves as renegades bravely ushering in this new paradigm—that we can maintain an interdimensional relationship with our deceased loved ones — we are at least occasionally reluctant to openly discuss this spirit belief for fear of being thought of as stupid.

Accordingly, I want to invite everyone here to watch Dean Radin's eight-minute video on YouTube. It's called The Stupidity Hypothesis. Professor Dean Radin is a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences just north of San Francisco, he has authored over 200 journal articles, and is the author of The Conscious Universe.

The stupidity hypothesis is the assumption that only stupid people believe in spirits. He looked at polling data and partitioned it by the number of years of education versus things like belief in psychic phenomena and spirit belief. And It turns out that it's not a negative correlation! In fact it's a significantly positive correlation, meaning that the more education you have, the more likely you are to believe in what we discuss here. So if you're shy about spirit belief, you have that in your quiver to pull out and share. Dean Radin, the well-established scientist, disagrees. He says you're more likely to be smart if you believe in this stuff.

Lastly, since we last met, I interviewed Professor Gary Schwartz. It was not for the show, but for a summit I'm co-producing. For those of you who are into academic research, you know what he's doing, but for everyone else, Dr. Schwartz is a Harvard PhD and a Yale professor. So in terms of street cred, he's got the goods. I'm not supposed to reveal the contents of that interview until the summit broadcasts in the fall, but you are my community. You are my peeps. So I want you to know what Dr. Schwartz is up to.

Although Gary Schwartz is a professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, he also has a background in electrical engineering. And he wanted to see if our technology could allow us to have more robust dialogue with those on the other side. I'm not talking about EVP. I'm talking about real correspondence, like text messaging.

So Dr. Schwartz recruited a team of well-established, proven mediums, including Suzanne Giesemann, Mark Anthony, and Suzanne Wilson, to identify particular physicists on the other side who might be willing to help execute this endeavor and develop something that allows spirits to spell out words as if they're using a keyboard. The result involves the use of very expensive and sensitive equipment that can photograph energy in the form of photons. And it's been nicknamed "The SoulPhone."

In this interview, I asked Dr. Schwartz, “Will I be able to text message my dead father during my lifetime?” Dr. Schwartz said his team is working on a prototype that will be ready to test as soon as two years away, which blew my mind. I said to Dr. Schwartz, “I love what you're doing, but when you claim to be collaborating with spirits such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nicola Tesla, I bristle because... it's too sensational.” Dr. Schwartz said, “I roll my eyes when I hear myself saying these things. I don't believe it. The thing is, it's real. I don't understand it, but it's happening.” I thought that was worth sharing with you. As soon as I can post that interview and I'm allowed to, I'll post it on my YouTube channel because it's really interesting.

Regarding tonight's guest, I met June through one of the Q&As I had for my film. I didn't know much about June. She wanted to host a screening with me. People were in the audience and asking questions, and I liked June's answers. Everything she said sounded right to me. I asked to speak to June after that screening. I said, “What's your deal? Who are you? What are you doing?” She explained to me that she's not a medium. Rather she's a retired medium. Her answers made more sense in retrospect. She's also published two books on mediumship and two fiction books. The nonfiction books are called The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading, and the other one is called How to Speak to Spirits: Séances, Mediums and Ghosts.

Those titles are right at my alley. So I figured she'd be a great guest for the show. June, nothing you had shared with me until this point gave away that you had practiced a mediumship for several years. You were the featured medium on a show called The Haunting Bay on Amazon Prime, where June walks around some location on the San Francisco Bay, going into haunted locations and talking to spirits. I caught a little bit of it. It's pretty wild. Most of the people who I've asked to be guests have some scientific background. They have a PhD or appreciate the physics involved. You're not a science person, but I still appreciate what you could deliver. Welcome to the show, June.

Thank you, I’m glad to be part of your mission. I believe in what you're doing.

I want to hear more about that after I ask you some questions. First, the year was 1970. A teenager named June Ahern was on a first date with a boy who ended up crashing the car that he and June were in. If you remember the ‘70s, these were the days when wearing seat belts was optional. No chime to compel you to wear them. So the hero of our story went through the windshield and was killed for twenty seconds. What happened then, June?

I went to the other side, whatever your beliefs are of the other side. I always think of Ricky Nelson and "Garden Party." I walked up to a gate, and there was a party going on. Everything was beautiful and perfect. People were laughing and having a good time. I saw my maternal grandparents. We left that country a long time ago. I'm an immigrant here in the United States. I didn't know these grandparents well. They greeted me, and everybody was happy. It was blissful. Though I've been meditating for years, I don't believe I've ever reached that level of blissfulness in my meditations.

We were having a nice time. I’m saying hello. They are saying, “Hi, June.” They said, “You have to go back, June.” I said, “No, I don't want to go back.” When I did go back, I ended up in the emergency room with most of my face hanging off. I couldn't talk about it for years. It was beautiful. I came back with a different purpose in life.

I had wanted to go to truck driving school. I wanted to do long-distance truck driving. It suited my personality and what I needed. That never came to me. As time went on, I found that I had particular abilities that shocked me and other people. That is, I knew things about them. Even people I had never met before, I knew about them and their personal life. That's how it went.

You were dead for 20 or 30 seconds.

They told me in the ambulance that I expired.

At some point, you arrive with a superpower.

I call it an ability. Some people call it a blessing. My path was already said. Here's a path we'd like you to take, working with people, and are you going to take it? We always have free will. I was a child of the ‘60s and ‘70s living in San Francisco.

You are a flower child.

Which side did I go to? How did I go on this path? I didn't understand. Before the accident, I had a reading with a woman with playing cards. She had told me I would be in an accident. She also gave specific details. I became curious after a while because it took me a while to physically begin any recovery. I was bad off. I had glass inside my eyes. They took the glass out. They were amazed that I was not as injured as I should have been.

I started wanting to read the playing cards. I found out somewhere about the tarot cards. I started reading those. The teacher took me aside one day, and she said, “You're good at this. Have you thought about doing readings?” I said, What do you mean do readings?” It turned out that I started reading for people and using the tarot. I thought it was the tarot cards. I had no idea it was me. That's how it started. In 1975, I hung my shingle out, and it kept growing from there. I never advertised. You had to be quiet. I was brought up in a rather strict religious home.

June, I watched the Amazon Prime YouTube show that was talking about called "The Haunted Bay," where you walk around San Francisco. I've interviewed many mediums since I started making my movie ten years ago. I may have interviewed somewhere between 50 and 60 mediums. I don't know many mediums who are seeing the spirit. You're one of the few. Are you seeing a full-body, flesh-and-blood type of person? Are you seeing something that's translucent? What are you seeing?

Seeing it more than what you would call mentally seeing it. I worked with the police on some murder cases. I have had actual spirits show up in a physical way. I don't like it. I would rather like it if they show up in a mental way. When I'm seeing, I could be seeing what would have been considered a person. It depends on what I am investigating and what I feel I'm picking up. I could be seen as only a part of the person.

We did an investigation in a historic building in San Francisco, and I saw somebody hanging. They hung themselves. That was true. What I like about Haunted Bay is that I told the producer, “I need you to research this as best you can. I don't want to be out there speaking about things. I need to know. Is this a possibility? Could you do some research?” She's good at doing her research, and that I appreciate the most, or else I wouldn't be involved.

I saw, during the program, you would say something like, “I feel like there was some bad stuff happening in this building.” You'd point to a particular door. The producer finds a map and shows you that, at one time, it was like a brothel with some gambling in the back, and people were killed in the doorway. The producer was able to suss things out and return with something evidential.

Of all people that even go to any mediums, psychic readers or intuitive readers, there has to be some validity in it. You have to be able to resonate with it. Is this the right medium for you? Is this the right reader for you? That is important. Before I did this with Ying, who is the producer of The Haunted Bay, I told her what I wanted. I needed her to do it. She does a lot of research. She's had to go down to the main library and go through old records and some records you can't get.

Let me ask you this question because I heralded you in my advertising as the outspoken medium and the opinionated mystic. People are waiting for that because there are commonalities. There is a consensus. The mediums will say, at least the ones that I've interviewed, “We do go on. There is a spirit realm. It feels a lot like love. When you're in the spirit realm, you can move from place to place and manifest things by thinking of it.” These are the common threads.

There are some things that I find that you depart from what I've heard. Tell me some of the do's and don'ts that you've had to caution people about. There are some people who said, “You don't want to bug them over and over again with your questions.” Those are some of the things that you caution people about.

In the first year of grief, you're going to want to connect with the spirit by asking them, “Are you feeling good? Are you at peace? Do you know I love you? Was it my fault?” These are reasonable because we're grieving. After that, you want to change the communication, and you want to change it in a way. What I say is stop asking them to come back and fix your life. I'm not getting along with my brother. You know how he is. Come and tell me.”

Life With Ghosts | June Ahern | Communicating With Spirits
Communicating With Spirits:In the first year and maybe even two of grief, most to want to connect with the spirit by asking them, “Are you feeling good?”

The reason I say this is because I have conducted many séances and spirit communication sessions. I know what people ask. I will have some people ask, “Come back and do another session with me.” They'll ask me the same question. I do not support continually asking a spirit if they know how much you're grieving. Can they feel your tears? Can they come back and fix you? In the first year, I got it. This is what we're going to do. You have to lighten up on them.

One of the things we say is, “Rest in peace.” I always say, “How can they rest in peace if you keep crying and bringing them your problems?” They can't rest in peace. Therefore, in my thoughts, they cannot move or evolve to the different dimensional spaces. It's like moving up in school. You start drawing little stick people. Maybe you're talented and can draw a whole person. That's what I mean by how I will differ.

I tell clients or people in séances, “Don't keep asking me the same question. I already told you. Your mother forgives you. Why do you keep saying that or asking me if she forgives you? You need to do the work. You need to forgive yourself.” That may come across as opinionated, cheeky, or irreverent. I do have to tone down how direct I can be with people. I've tried it once, but it didn't quite work.

The reason why I invited you to be a guest, and the reason why I like you, June, is because you have a conviction for your opinions. I don't want you to lose that.

One of the things that I say in my book, and I even say this for readings, is, “You can get information, but you have to decide if that is something that makes your life better.” I don't believe that anybody should go to any person with my particular abilities. Not all psychic readers are mediums, and not all mediums are psychic readers. You have to determine for yourself. Is this information helpful and useful in my life?

You brought up a tragic situation here with the mother. She's going to different mediums. She cannot find the solace that she's looking for. She's deep in sorrow. I would advise her not to go to mediums. I would say, “Don't do this. This isn't going to work for you at this particular time.” That's how upfront I'll be about mediums. Everybody should decipher if they're with the right medium for them.

Everybody should decide for themselves if they're with the right medium for them.

I do want to push back on one thing. I am not a medium, but I could speak on the consensus's behalf. I have heard before that if you are contacting your loved ones often and you're grieving, that stops their progress somehow. I don't know how that works, but let's say arguably that could be true. But my whole movie premise, and this show's premise, is that we can continue our loving relationships. Because we're all different. That means our spirits are all different. If two consenting adults, even if one is in spirit form and one is in human form, get together and decide to continue their relationship forever, daily, I don't see a problem with that. Are you saying there's a problem with that?

No, if there is what you would call a sole contract between them, and they have made this decision, and they're working together for both to evolve and learn, not to bring somebody in spirit back into your life to fix your earthly problems. It’s not that dependency. It would be the same dependency on anybody or a psychotherapist. You go to psychotherapists to heal, learn how to adjust your life, and live more progressively.

People go to psychotherapy for many years. I question why they do that because my idea of psychotherapy is to heal. Some people need people to talk to. That could work out for some people. In a general way, it's like this. We have children, and we bring them up to think for themself to move out, but we're texting and calling them all day long while they're off at college, or we're asking them all the time what they are doing. How can they live their life separate from their parents? That's how I look at it.

This is something I came to believe, and it's because of the work that I'm doing with the mediums in my orbit. This made me delighted. I started to believe that my deceased loved ones miss me as well. If that's true, it's not a burden if I reach out to them and try to have contact.

My spiritual path differs from that idea. When I lead this planet, I believe I have work to do on my own self to become spiritually whole. My studies and experiences show that spirits on the other side don't have the emotions that we have to the attachment to this world and our own relationships. Do they miss you when they transition? Rather than die or pass away, you transition to another place.

When you transition, do you want to bring that constant relationship that was? What I'm looking at, and I have been starting to teach this, is we can keep a relationship, but for the benefit of both of us evolving to do more work on life, compassion, and kind to make ourselves a more spiritually compassionate, loving, caring, helpful person. If you want to keep that relationship on an emotional level, you can't transcend the emotion to get into the higher plane of spirituality and teach the person left on earth. Do they miss you? When the spirit evolves, they do not miss you in the way you miss them because they're doing their own work on the other side. That's my belief.

When the spirit evolves, they do not miss you in the way you miss them.

Did you come upon this belief from your own mediumship, or did you get some special download from the divine?

I belong to a particular learning group. They say science and metaphysics. One of the greatest reasons I love your film is because you combined the two, which is necessary for us to progress. That's what attracted me there. I study all the time. I study other people's thoughts. I read books. I experience, work with people, and talk to my guys in meditation every day. They talk to me, or we sit together and don't talk at all.

The mystic of living a mystic life is you study to grow. You meditate, but you have to know that you're living an actual life that is showing love, compassion, and kindness to others. People ask, “What is a mystic?” That is a person who knows. It came after a while that I didn't have to have any tarot cards. I didn't need anything. I could look at a person and know. I read auras clearly. I would see their aura and begin to talk about that in the chakra place.

It's difficult because people would say, “June, that's your thoughts. Why don't you look at the cards?” I had already transcended the cards. I had studied them enough. I've studied the Kabbalah and the Tarots. It's difficult for humans to understand. When we get to the other side, we do not have that same connection on the emotional level that you're speaking about. When your time comes to leave this planet, they will be there to greet you and bring you over. That's how much they love you.

I still want them to miss me.

Why? This means that you have sorrow.

I don't see it that way. "Missing" only means sorrow?

I have some important people in my life on the other side. I know what grief is. I'm not minimizing grief and the need to be with the person that had left. I do get messages from one. She and I started out studying together for many years. It’s my eldest sister. She'll come back and tell me something like, “You're going to do this.” I'll say, I'm not going to do that. I don't want to teach that.” She said, “Yes, you are.”

She starts giving me information, but I don't call on her. I rarely call on her. I may honor her. I have her picture. I have my altar over here in this room. I may honor her by greeting her, but I don't ask her hardly ever ask her anything. If she has something to say to me, she will come to me. I don't mean sorrow missing. Sometimes, we say something, and we don't wait to see what else it is. When we miss somebody, there's an emotional feeling like, “I wish I was with them.” I don't know what you would call that. To me, it’s sorrowful.

Gary, what do you want to add?

If you're in deep grief, I don't think that's a good time to go to a medium. First of all, you're not going to hear the messages. If you're looking for signs from your loved ones, would you agree that you're going to miss them if you're in deep grief? It's hard for them to get through that layer of density. Do you agree?

I agree that most mediums are wonderful people. I've met many, and I love them. They're sincere, and they come from their heart. The ones I've met will tell you to wait at least 3 or 4 months because Gary is right. When you're in such grief, and I bet everybody here has suffered from grief, whether it be a person or a pet, they can get through, but you can't hear what they're saying.

I remember my mother. I didn't think I took care of my mother as well as I could. I lost my temper with her. I'm like, “Do you need me to do that again?” I was the person that took care of so much. I kept saying, “I didn't do enough. I'm sorry.” In my first year of grief, I kept asking her, “Do you get it? Do you forgive me? Did I do enough?” She kept saying, “June, how many times did I have to tell you?” It took me a year to go, “I've heard it enough times.” It's hard for them to get through the clarity of their message. It's the clarity you're talking about.

We know what not to do. Let's hear some tips on how to be more inviting because you are all for people doing their own mediumship.

Yes, I am.

You wrote the book How to Talk to Spirits. Give us some tips on how to talk to spirits and how to invite them in.

When we're first in grief, it's difficult. I don't oppose people going to mediums after 3 or 4 months. I know I did. I went to two different mediums within that year because I was emotionally attached. I also know that I can communicate on my own. One of the simplest ways of doing that is the spirits will talk to you at any time and any place. I was in Safeway one time. I had a man standing next to me, and his father showed up. Spirits could talk at any time in any place.

Being out in nature is a beautiful way to communicate with your loved ones. Nature will give you comfort. You may see a bird. After a good friend of mine transitioned, passed away, and died, a bird came to the window and kept flooding around my window. It took me by surprise, and I knew it was her. Watch for symbols.

You've had mediums on the show. Symbols come to you. People standing next to you might start talking about what you're thinking about. You're thinking about a spouse or a partner that has left. Somebody is talking and saying, “My husband left, but I feel we're still connected.” This is a reminder to you that you're connected.

Spiritual information comes in many ways. Dreams are great. Dreams are a great way to be connected there. When you become more involved, you could go into a darkened room, light a candle, or have a soft lamp. You can have a bowl of water, stir the water up, and look in it. You have to put yourself in that meditative state. Things will start to come to you in your mind. Don't discount it if you think, “This is my imagination.” You have imagination, intuition, the psychic mind, and the mystic self. It's like a ladder that goes up.

Dreams are a great way to be connected with a departed loved one.

The reason that we doubt it is we don't have faith in our own abilities. I've done some readings over the years. I think, “This is crazy what I'm going to say.” I say it anyway. The person says, “How did you know that about me? Nobody knows it.” When you speak with spirits, the best thing to do is give us some time so that you're not going to cry all the time. You're going to cry when the spirit comes through. I've dealt with people whose children, at a young age, died. They come in, and they're heavily crying. I want to cry knowing what they're going through. I have to remove myself from them. I become the observer of the spirit and the observer of the parent.

You want to become an observer of you observing yourself. This is a Buddhist practice of speaking with spirit. I suggest if you want to do it, you could do it through automatic writing, which you have in your film, but you want to learn about automatic writing. You can do it by sitting in a room, calming yourself down, and sitting out in nature. Afterward, I would write it down. I would start keeping a journal of your messages. Knowing as a reader and a medium, messages that come through on the psychic level don't always make sense to people. I've had people say, “That would never happen in my life.” Only to have to call me back several years to say, “Can I have another reading? You were clear.” I like to say clear instead of right.

You want to keep a journal. You want to say to yourself, “When I talked to Dad, he mentioned something about the toolbox. I know I have to fix that picture up there, but I'm not sure exactly if I should screw it in. Maybe I'll look in his toolbox. Dad said to look at my toolbox.” Perhaps later, he starts to tell you about a particular tool that you could use to do even more work. You and your father were close when you were building things together or you wanted to learn. I called my father before. I’m asking him about particular tools. I was doing a particular thing. It came to my mind, and he started to tell me how to fix something. I still had to call the plumber at some point, but I fixed it for then.

These are some ideas. It's telepathic. You are telepathically having a relationship and a conversation. I do that in both my books. I have an ESP test that I did years ago, and I included it in my books. Do you see a spirit? Do you hear spirit? Do you feel? Are you clareaudient? Are you clairvoyant? Are you claresentient? Do you smell spirit? If you taste some food, does it bring a spirit that you know and share this food with, and now you're connected to the spirit?

There's a lot to learn how to do this clearly and successfully. It can happen. I'm not opposed to learning from the other side, but we can grow together.

My guides gave me instructions to teach a particular class, and they ghosted me. They didn't tell me all the particulars. I had to figure that out on my own. I was upset at this guide. I was saying, “What guide are you because you throw me out there? I'm going to teach this class, but you don't tell me how to do it.” In my meditation, I said, “I'm going to meditate to get the particulars for this class.” I’m sitting there, and several minutes pass. I felt relaxed, but I didn't get any directive information. I'm as cheeky to living people as I am to my guides and spirits.

June, in your book or another interview I heard you on, you said something along the lines of, “When we're talking to spirit, we should come with the attitude of we're going to help them with their karmic evolution.” What do you mean by that?

When you communicate with the spirit after your grief, it's hard when you're grieving. I encourage people to communicate through a medium or by yourself. Ask your questions. Can you hear me? You start out with, are we connected? After a while, they didn't finish something in life. They had a troubled life. They may have even confided in you. I don't think I could ever forgive this person. I always feel like I let people down. I didn't finish school, and I wish I had had more education to reach my maximum. I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn't finish school. How can you help them on the other side? You can live part of their life for them.

I'm big on prayer. You can pray for them to find that space in the other dimension. You can start to encourage education. You encourage it by volunteering to help children who need reading. You're adding a vibration. Some of you know about the Seven Hermetic Principles, and you want to study those because they'll help you with your spiritual connections.

 Spiritual communication is a vibration. We're having vibrations and rhythms as we're talking. You can measure it. You measure music. You start this vibration. You want to help them or assist them in raising their vibration on the other side. They feel better about themselves. They’re like, “Look at June. She is helping children who have difficulty reading it.” They start to feel joy.

Once you start to feel joy and peace, you are raising your own vibration. Don't you wonder when you see some of these gurus, and they're mellow? You're like, “Why are they mellow? Don't they get it that I'm hurting?” They get it, but their vibration has risen up. That's what you want to give to your loved ones on the other side if you feel that they are troubled, especially if they have had a tragic death. You want to give them some comfort.

I didn't think we had the power to do that.

You have to do and find it in yourself. I was invited to do a séance. I was out of séance, and the host asked me, “I'd like to ask about this young man, and gave me the young man.” I said, “He's upset. He was in an accident of some kind.” I went on talking about this. It turns out she was the one that got his organs. I'm saying he's unhappy because he doesn't have his organs. I had to have time with her after we were done. We could work with the young man. He had a motorcycle accident. She had his heart and another organ. We had to tell him, “You don't need this body. She needs this body to live.” We had to negotiate with him to become more peaceful.

I'm going to ask one more question before I turn it over to Gary and let the audience ask questions. I attended one of your classes on audio, and you did an exercise that illustrates the power of forgiveness. It was powerful. It stayed with me. I'd like you to do something similar for us.

You would like me to lead you in guided meditation with forgiveness.

It's like a shorter version of what you did for your class.

We want to have forgiveness. We say we can give people forgiveness. It's powerful to forgive somebody, and it's hard. I sometimes think I forgive people. I find out later and go, “I forgive them.” This is asking for forgiveness. Everybody, relax for a moment.

Life With Ghosts | June Ahern | Communicating With Spirits
Communicating With Spirits: It's very powerful when you forgive somebody.

June, how important is it to be forgiven?

It's important to know that you have been forgiven because it frees you to feel that you are loved. To forgive someone, you must show love for that person's misdirection and action against you. If they brutalized you, raped you, killed somebody you knew, talked bad about you, or you lost a job because of them, it's hard to forgive people when you have felt that you have been treated unfairly and badly.

Everybody here, at least one person over the course of their lifetime, they wronged in some way. Even if it's small, it feel will feel good to do this exercise. Let's go from there.

This is not necessarily about forgiving someone else. This is about asking for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness and receiving it means you are free to do good work. Now, you know not to do that again. If you could think in your mind, “Is there anyone you know that you deliberately hurt? Perhaps you were hurt. You hurt them. Vengeance, you were going to get even. You didn't realize you hurt the person, but you heard. Maybe they told you, stopped talking to you, or someone said, “You hurt her when you said this.” You want to be forgiven.

Let's think about it more on the other side. Would you like anyone in spirit to forgive you for any words or actions, whether you meant it or not, that you put upon them? Think of that person. Think about them by name. Perhaps you see their face. You remember their voice and what they said to you. Think about that person, take easy breaths, call them by name, and say, “Would you forgive me? I did not realize I hurt you. I did want to hurt you, and now I realize how wrong that was. Do you forgive me?” Sit for a short time and experience whatever you experience.

Perhaps not right now. Will you experience the greatest sense of being forgiven that you will in your dreams or a walk in the park? Once you are forgiven, you are also loved by this other person because it takes a lot of love and compassion to forgive someone. You are now going to receive that. That's the shorter version, Stephen.

Thank you, June. I enjoyed that.

Thank you, everybody. That was a lot of fun. Thank you, Stephen and Gary.

Thank you, June. Let's remind everybody that your book titles are How to Talk with Spirits: Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading.

My web page is You can find classes and email me. Don't make the emails long.

Plus, your Amazon shows you got there, The Haunting Bay.

There are also some on YouTube.

Thank you so much. That was fun.

That was fun. Thank you everybody.

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